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94%Decision processes in simulation-based training for ISAF vehicle patrols.. Charlotte Sennersten Martin Castor Rune Gustavsson Craig Lindley . 2010. Conference Papers.
94%Evaluation of Real-time Eye Gaze Logging by a 3D Game Engine. Charlotte Sennersten Craig Lindley . 2008. Conference Papers.
93%What does it mean to understand gameplay?. Craig Lindley Lennart Nacke Charlotte Sennersten . 2007. Conference Papers.
92%Real Time Eye Gaze Logging in a 3D Game/Simulation World. Charlotte Sennersten Craig Lindley . 2010. Conference Papers.
92%Dissecting Play – Investigating the Cognitive and Emotional Motivations and Affects of Computer Gameplay. Craig Lindley Lennart Nacke Charlotte Sennersten . 2008. Conference Papers.
91%An Investigation of Visual Attention in FPS Computer Gameplay. Charlotte Sennersten Craig Lindley . 2009. Conference Papers.
91%An Innovation-Oriented Game Design Meta-Model Integrating Industry, Research and Artistic Design Practices. Craig Lindley Charlotte Sennersten Olli Leino Hanna Wirman Amyris Fernandez. 2008. Bookchapters.
90%Model-based Simulation Training Supporting Military Operational Processes. Charlotte Sennersten . 2010. Dissertations.
90%Gameplay (3D Game Engine + Ray Tracing = Visual Attention through Eye Tracking). Charlotte Sennersten . 2008. Licentiates.
90%Game Play Schemas: From Player Analysis to Adaptive Game Mechanics. Craig Lindley Charlotte Sennersten . 2008. Journal Articles.
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