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96%Coping with System Sustainability: A Sociocybernetics Framework for Social-Economic System Architecture. Guohua Bai Lawrence Henesey . 2012. Journal Articles.
96%Activity Theory Ontology for Knowledge Sharing in E-health. Guohua Bai Yang Guo . 2010. Conference Papers.
96%ICT PROJECTS - Case Study Reports. Guohua Bai . 2006. Researchreport Non-BTH.
96%Integrerade nätverk i hemsjukvården för personer med diabetes (IMIS) . Guohua Bai Maj-Lis Ströman. 2007. Researchreport Non-BTH.
96%E-hälsa – Utmaningen och Möjligheter. Guohua Bai . 2006. Conference Presentations.
96%Integrerade Nätverk i Hemsjukvården För Personer Med Diabetes (IMIS). Guohua Bai . 2005. Conference Presentations.
95%A General Architecture For Developing A Sustainable Elderly Care e-Health System. Guohua Bai Yang Guo . 2011. Conference Papers.
95%Using P2P Technology to Achieve eHealth Interoperability. Yang Guo Yan Hu Javed Afzal Guohua Bai . 2011. Conference Papers.
95%e-Health – Challenges and Approaches. Guohua Bai . 2010. Conference Presentations.
95%Developing a Semantic Web Services for Interoperability. Guohua Bai Peng Zhang . 2005. Conference Papers.
95%Activity System Theory Approach to Healthcare Information System. Guohua Bai . 2004. Conference Papers.
94%A Sociocybernetic Model of Sustainable Social Systems. Guohua Bai . 2009. Conference Papers.
94%A Sustainable Information System for e-home Services. Guohua Bai . 2004. Conference Presentations.
94%A Sustainable Platform for E-services System Design. Guohua Bai . 2004. Journal Articles.
94%Guide to REgional Good Practice eHealth. Guohua Bai Gustav Malmqvist Gustav Malmqvist. 2007. Researchreport Non-BTH.
94%Feedback Principle for Studies of Social Activities. Guohua Bai . 2003. Conference Papers.
94%Globalization Through Feedback of Social Activities. Guohua Bai . 2003. Conference Papers.
94%A DWR approach to HCI design. Hans Kyhlbäck Guohua Bai Berthel Sutter . 2003. Conference Papers.
94%Activity Theory as a Framework for CSCW Software Architecture Design.. Guohua Bai M Nissen K Westerberg. 2002. Bookchapters.
94%An Epistemological Model of Social Activities - Sociocybernetics. Guohua Bai . 2003. Conference Papers.
93%A Cloud Model for Interoperable Home-based Chronic Diseases Healthcare. Yan Hu Guohua Bai . 2014. Conference Papers.
93%Using Bayes Network for Prediction of Type-2 Diabetes. Yang Guo Guohua Bai Yan Hu . 2012. Conference Papers.
93%Motivation Driven Multiagent Systems Coordination in Health Care. Peng Zhang Guohua Bai . 2005. Conference Papers.
93%Systemic Thinking in Multi-agent Systems Coordination – Applied in Diabetic Health Care. Peng Zhang Guohua Bai . 2006. Conference Papers.
93%Integrated Mobile Information System (IMIS) for Healthcare Work.. Guohua Bai . 2002. Conference Papers.
92%A Multi-agent System Based on Activity Theory for Collaborative Network Learning. Xu Liang Wang Ruo Guohua Bai . 2009. Conference Papers.
91%A Cloud Computing Solution for Sharing Healthcare Information. Yan Hu Fangjie Lu Israr Khan Guohua Bai . 2012. Conference Papers.
91%Enhance Flexibility in Human Agent Interaction a Case Study on IMAS Agent System. Xu Liang Peng Zhang Guohua Bai . 2008. Conference Papers.
91%Functions For eHealth Communication Systems Design. Guohua Bai Peng Zhang . 2009. Researchreports.
91%Applying Multi-agent Systems Coordination to the Diabetic Healthcare Collaboration. Peng Zhang Guohua Bai Bengt Carlsson Stefan J. Johansson . 2008. Conference Papers.
91%An Activity Systems Theory Approach to Agent Technology. Peng Zhang Guohua Bai . 2005. Journal Articles.
91%A Cybernetic Architecture of Practical Reasoning Agent. Peng Zhang Guohua Bai . 2003. Conference Papers.
90%A Fuzzy-Rough Sets Based Compact Rule Induction Method for Classifying Hybrid Data. Yang Liu Qinglei Zhou Elisabeth Rakus-Andersson Guohua Bai . 2012. Conference Papers.
90%Rough Sets Based Inequality Rule Learner for Knowledge Discovery. Yang Liu Guohua Bai Qinglei Zhou Elisabeth Rakus-Andersson . 2012. Conference Papers.
90%Feature Based Rule Learner in Noisy Environment Using Neighbourhood Rough Set Model. Yang Liu Luyang Jiao Guohua Bai Boqin Feng . 2010. Journal Articles.
90%On Mining Rules that Involve Inequalities from Decision Table. Yang Liu Guohua Bai Boqin Feng . 2008. Conference Papers.
90%Multi-Agent Based Multi-Knowledge Acquisition Method for Rough Set. Yang Liu Guohua Bai Boqin Feng . 2008. Conference Papers.
90%Compact Rule Learner on Weighted Fuzzy Approximation Spaces for Class Imbalanced and Hybrid Data. Yang Liu Boqin Feng Guohua Bai . 2008. Conference Papers.
89%CompactLEM2: A Scalable Rough Set based Knowledge Acquisition Method that Generates Small Number of Short Rules. Yang Liu Guohua Bai Boqin Feng . 2008. Conference Papers.
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