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94%Who is involved in HCI design?: an activity theoretical perspective. Hans Kyhlbäck Berthel Sutter . 2004. Conference Papers.
93%What does it take to replace an old functioning information system with a new one?: A case study. Hans Kyhlbäck Berthel Sutter . 2007. Journal Articles.
93%A DWR approach to HCI design. Hans Kyhlbäck Guohua Bai Berthel Sutter . 2003. Conference Papers.
93%Utilizing a Peer-to-Peer methodology in a municipal health care work - a design challenge.. Hans Kyhlbäck . 2002. Conference Papers.
93%University-community coalitions for developmental work research - a theoretical perspective and two cases. Berthel Sutter Hans Kyhlbäck . 2003. Conference Papers.
93%Wound Care Documentation at Municipal Elder Care. Hans Kyhlbäck Hannes Persson Moreno A and Nealon J.L.. 2003. Bookchapters.
91%Replace an Old Functioning Information System with a New One-What Does it Take?. Hans Kyhlbäck Berthel Sutter Khalil Khoumbati Yogesh Kumar Dwivedi Aradhana Srivastava Banita Lal. 2009. Bookchapters.
91%The Problem of Objects in Design of Health Care Information Systems. Hans Kyhlbäck . 2005. Licentiates.
90%Support systems in use - for coordination of advanced on-the-ground work activities. Hans Kyhlbäck . 2010. Dissertations.
90%Applications of Agent Based Simulation. Paul Davidsson Johan Holmgren Hans Kyhlbäck Dawit Mengistu Marie Persson . 2007. Conference Papers.
90%Lärande genom deltagande i praktikgemenskaper. Hans Kyhlbäck Marcus Sanchez Svensson Björn Stille Monica E Nilsson Berthel Sutter . 2006. Conference Papers.
86%Industrial work simulation, an attempt to (re-)establish vocational learning between school and work. Hans Kyhlbäck Björn Stille . 2007. Conference Presentations.
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