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94%Interactional features of a paper-based monitoring system. Hans Tap . 2004. Conference Papers.
94%You mean here? - Video-mediated nurse-patient communication. Hans Tap . 2001. Conference Papers.
94%Do you mean here? Points of departure for design. Hans Tap . 2001. Licentiates.
94%Glowing Tags. Hans Tap . 2002. Conference Papers.
94%The practice of "Fluid balance". Humans and artifacts in medical work. Hans Tap Berthel Sutter . 2000. Conference Papers.
94%Nurses' methods and their relation to design. Hans Tap . 2002. Journal Articles.
94%From 5 meters to 50 centimetres - Interactional features of a tangible monitoring system for remote hemodialysis. Hans Tap . 2003. Conference Papers.
94%Interactional features of a paper-based monitoring system. Hans Tap . 2004. Journal Articles.
93%Accountable interaction. Exploring interactional features of technology in use. Hans Tap . 2004. Dissertations.
93%Understanding Alarms. A first step in the development of a new alarm system.. Hans Tap Marcus Sánchez Svensson . 1999. Conference Papers.
90%Localisation, recognition and orientation of alarms. Marcus Sanchez Svensson Hans Tap Astrid Selling Sjöberg . 2000. Conference Papers.
90%Alarms - localization, orientation, and recognition. Marcus Sanchez Svensson Hans Tap . 2003. Journal Articles.
86%Language Learning on a Digital Gaming Platform. Thomas Hansson . 2006. Conference Papers.
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