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94%Inside Information 2 − Usability and User Research: Eight years of research and method development cooperation. Kari Rönkkö Jeff Winter Mats Hellman . 2009. Researchreports.
94%Yes - What Does That Mean? Understanding Distributed Requirements Handling.. Kari Rönkkö Y Dittrich C Floyd R Klischewski. 2002. Bookchapters.
93%Qualitative research in software engineering. Tore Dyba Rafael Prikladnicki Kari Rönkkö Carolyn Seaman Jonathan Sillito . 2011. Journal Articles.
93%Meeting Organisational Needs and Quality Assurance through Balancing Agile & Formal Usability Testing Results. Jeff Winter Kari Rönkkö . 2008. Conference Papers.
93%Reporting user experience through usability within the telecommunications industry. Kari Rönkkö Jeff Winter Mats Hellman . 2008. Conference Papers.
93%PD Method and Socio-Political Context of the Development Organization. Kari Rönkkö Mats Hellman Yvonne Dittrich . 2008. Conference Papers.
93%Interpretation, interaction and reality construction in software engineering: An explanatory model. Kari Rönkkö . 2007. Journal Articles.
92%Controlling User Experience through Policing in the Software Development Process. Mats Hellman Kari Rönkkö . 2008. Conference Papers.
92%Is User Experience supported effectively in existing software development processes?. Mats Hellman Kari Rönkkö . 2008. Conference Papers.
92%Bad Practice or Bad Methods Are Software Engineering and Ethnographic Discourses Incompatible?. Kari Rönkkö Olle Lindeberg Yvonne Dittrich . 2002. Conference Papers.
92%Making Methods Work in Software Engineering: Method Deployment - as a Social Achievement. Kari Rönkkö . 2005. Dissertations.
91%Identifying organizational barriers-A case study of usability work when developing software in the automation industry. Jeff Winter Kari Rönkkö Mikko Rissanen . 2014. Journal Articles.
91%Meeting organisational needs and quality assurance through balancing agile and formal usability testing results. Jeff Winter Kari Rönkkö Mårten Ahlberg Jo Hotchkiss . 2011. Conference Papers.
91%Reporting Usability Metrics Experiences. Jeff Winter Kari Rönkkö Mats Hellman . 2009. Conference Papers.
91%Commitment as an Underlying Principle for Learning. Conny Johansson Kari Rönkkö . 2004. Conference Papers.
91%Co-Operative Method Development revisited. Yvonne Dittrich Kari Rönkkö Olle Lindeberg Jeanette Eriksson Christina Hansson . 2005. Conference Presentations.
91%Talking Design - Co-Construction and Use of Representations in Software Development. Yvonne Dittrich Kari Rönkkö . 1999. Conference Papers.
90%A framework for software usability & user experience measurement in mobile industry. Jia Tan Kari Rönkkö Cigdem Gencel . 2013. Conference Papers.
90%Personas is not Applicable: Local Remedies Interpreted in a Wider Context. Kari Rönkkö Mats Hellman Britta Kilander Yvonne Dittrich . 2004. Conference Papers.
90%Developing Quality through Measuring Usability--The UTUM Test Package. Jeff Winter Kari Rönkkö Mårten Ahlberg Mark Hinely Mats Hellman . 2007. Conference Papers.
90%Software Practice from the Inside: Ethnography Applied to Software Engineering. Kari Rönkkö . 2002. Licentiates.
89%SPI success factors within product usability evaluation. Jeff Winter Kari Rönkkö . 2010. Journal Articles.
89%The impact of time controlled reading on software inspection effectiveness and efficiency: a controlled experiment. Kai Petersen Kari Rönkkö Claes Wohlin . 2008. Conference Papers.
89%Cooperative method development - Combining qualitative empirical research with method, techniqueand process improvement. Yvonne Dittrich Kari Rönkkö Jeanette Eriksson Christina Hansson Olle Lindeberg . 2008. Journal Articles.
86%Law, norms, piracy and online anonymity: Practices of de-identification in the global file sharing community. Stefan Larsson Måns Svensson Marcin de Kaminski Kari Rönkkö Johanna Olsson . 2012. Journal Articles.
81%Teleradiologi. Förutsättningar för forskning och utveckling i Blekinge. Bo Helgeson Torgil Toft . 2010. Researchreports.
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