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97%Perceptibility of Clones in Tree Rendering. Alan Purvis Veronica Sundstedt . 2010. Conference Presentations.
96%Perception of Clones in Forest Rendering. Alan Purvis Veronica Sundstedt . 2010. Conference Papers.
96%Gazing at Games: Using Eye Tracking to Control Virtual Characters. Veronica Sundstedt . 2010. Conference Presentations.
95%EyePlay: Applications for Gaze in Games. Jayson Turner Eduardo Velloso Hans Gellersen Veronica Sundstedt . 2014. Conference Presentations.
95%Crowd Light: Evaluating the Perceived Fidelity of Illuminated Dynamic Scenes. Adrian Jarabo Tom Van Eyck Veronica Sundstedt Kavita Bala Diego Gutierrez Carol O’Sullivan . 2012. Journal Articles.
95%Gaze Interaction in the Post-WIMP World. Andreas Bulling Raimund Dachselt Andrew T. Duchowski Robert J. Jacob Sophie Stellmach Veronica Sundstedt . 2012. Conference Presentations.
95%Evaluation of a Curriculum for Technical Artists. Veronica Sundstedt Martin Lanner . 2012. Conference Papers.
95%Gaze and Voice Controlled Drawing. Jan van der Kamp Veronica Sundstedt . 2011. Conference Papers.
95%Using Eye Tracking for Interaction. Anneli Olsen Albrecht Schmidt Paul Marshall Veronica Sundstedt . 2011. Conference Presentations.
95%Measuring the Perception of Light Inconsistencies. Jorge Lopez-Moreno Veronica Sundstedt Francisco Sangorrin Diego Gutierrez . 2010. Conference Papers.
95%Exploring Peripheral LOD Change Detections during Interactive Gaming Tasks. Francisco Lopez Ramon Molla Veronica Sundstedt . 2010. Conference Papers.
94%Visual Attention and Gaze Behavior in Games: An Object-Based Approach. Veronica Sundstedt Matthias Bernhard Efstathios Stavrakis Erik Reinhard Michael Wimmer Magy Seif El-Nasr Anders Drachen Alessandro Canossa. 2013. Bookchapters.
94%Real Time Realistic Skin Translucency. Jorge Jimenez David Whelan Veronica Sundstedt Diego Gutierrez . 2010. Journal Articles.
88%Gazing at Games: An Introduction to Eye Tracking Control. Veronica Sundstedt . 2012. Monographs.
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