A natural relation between user-perceived quality and network-level perturbations

Document type: Conference Presentations
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Author(s): Markus Fiedler, David Hock, Tobias Hossfeld, Andreas Binzenhöfer, Kurt Tutschku, Phuoc Tran-Gia
Title: A natural relation between user-perceived quality and network-level perturbations
Translated title: En naturlig sammanband mellan användarupplevt tjänstekvalitet och störningar på nätverksnivå
Conference name: EuroNGI IA.8.6 Workshop on Socio-Economic Aspects of Next Generation Internet
Year: 2006
Publisher: EuroNGI
City: Copenhagen
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Department: School of Engineering - Dept. of Telecommunication Systems (*** Error ***)
School of Engineering S- 372 25 Ronneby
+46 455 38 50 00
Authors e-mail: markus.fiedler@bth.se
Language: English
Abstract: Extended abstract with formulae. Excerpts as follows:

During the recent years, networked applications and services on top of Internet such as e-business, voice communication and media distribution and have become popular. This development has entailed a growth of interest in end-user-perceived Quality of Service (QoS). The recently proposed Quality of Experience (QoE) concept includes both end-to-end network-level Quality of Service (QoS) and user satisfaction with the service. Besides of factors such as network coverage, service offers and level of support, even subjective factors such as user experience and perception need to be taken into account. A major challenge, however, consists in quantifying losses of QoE from the users’ points of view. As far as network problems are the reason for perceived quality problems, it is worthwhile to have formulae at hand that reflect the impact of perturbations on user perception. They might be used to quantify depreciations of user perception based on comparably simple-to-measure network-level parameters. In this contribution, we propose an exponential relation between user perception and perturbations on network level, which looks like a natural law.
Summary in Swedish: Pappret diskuterar ett naturligt samband mellan användarupplevt tjänstekvalitet och nätverksstörningar i form av en exponentialfunktion. Användarupplevt tjänstekvalitet, nätverksprestanda
Subject: Telecommunications\General
Keywords: Quality of Experience, Quality of Service, formula