Telemanipulator for Remote Wiring of Electrical Circuits

Document type: Conference Papers
Peer reviewed: Yes
Author(s): Ingvar Gustavsson, Johan Zackrisson, Josef Ström Bartunek, Kristian Nilsson, Lars Håkansson, Ingvar Claesson, Thomas L Lagö
Title: Telemanipulator for Remote Wiring of Electrical Circuits
Translated title: Telemanipulator för fjärrhopkoppling av elektriska kretsar
Conference name: REV 2008
Year: 2008
City: Duesseldorf
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Department: School of Engineering - Dept. of Signal Processing (Sektionen för teknik – avd. för signalbehandling)
School of Engineering S- 372 25 Ronneby
+46 455 38 50 00
Authors e-mail: ingvar.gustavsson@, johan.zackrisson@, josef.strombartunek@, kristian.nilsson@, lars.hakansson@, ingvar.claesson@,
Language: English
Abstract: Nowadays, students want extended access to learning resources and increased freedom to organize their learning activities. Remote access to laboratories enables students to perform physical experiments on their own 24/7. It is easy to control most electronic instruments remotely but some kind of telemanipulator is often required. The Signal Processing Department (ASB) at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) has created an online lab workbench for electrical experiments, mimicking and supplementing workbenches in local laboratories. Students being at home can, for example, use the online workbench in order to prepare themselves for supervised lab sessions and/or participate in such sessions taking place in a local laboratory. A virtual breadboard is used to control a telemanipulator (switching matrix) performing the circuit wiring. Together with virtual front panels depicting the front panels of the desktop instruments, it gives distant students the impression that they are working in a real laboratory. This paper describes the virtual breadboard and switching matrix combination, which can be used in many switching applications.
Subject: Signal Processing\General
Keywords: Electronics, Remote labs, Switching matrix, Workbench