What does it take to replace an old functioning information system with a new one?: A case study

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Author(s): Hans Kyhlbäck, Berthel Sutter
Title: What does it take to replace an old functioning information system with a new one?: A case study
Translated title: Vad krävs det för att ersätta ett gammalt fungerande informationssystem med ett nytt? En fallstudie
Journal: International Journal of Medical Informatics
Year: 2007
Volume: 76
Pagination: S149-S158
ISSN: 1386-5056
URI/DOI: doi:10.1016/j.ijmedinf.2006.05.047
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Department: School of Engineering - Dept. of Interaction and System Design (Sektionen för teknik – adv. för interaktion och systemdesign)
School of Engineering S- 372 25 Ronneby
+46 455 38 50 00
Authors e-mail: hky@bth.se, bsu@bth.se
Language: English
Abstract: The first claim we make in the paper is that an old-fashioned information system within health care work will not successfully be replaced by a new one, unless the new is better “as a whole”, that is, better supports work practices of a range of occupational and professional workers. The second claim is that the dilemmas system designers almost always will face when designing information system for the public sector is based on a contradiction between central, high level interest and a local level work-practice perspective. If the discontinuities in the design activity can be exposed and analyzed a better match to the socio-technical system as constituted by the work practice in question will be accomplished. We underpin our arguments and relate them to a case study of municipal wound care work. Our study reveals that work practice of the municipal nurses is characterized by three distinctive features: High mobility, the need for face-to-face interaction in different locations, and a great variety of artefact usage. Finally we suggest a methodology that might help system designers to get a better understanding of what socio-technical system they are supposed to further develop.
Summary in Swedish: verksamhetsteori, informationsbehandling, medicinsk informatik, sårbehandling, gränssnitt, storlek
Subject: Human Work Science\Human Computer Interaction
Human Work Science\Work Practice
Nursing & Caring Sciences\General
Keywords: Activity theory, Information storage and retrieval, Medical informatics, Wounds, Wound treatment, Interface size
Note: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/13865056