How Is Digital Poetry Avant-Garde?

Document type: Conference Presentations
Peer reviewed: Yes
Author(s): Maria Engberg, Jay Bolter
Title: How Is Digital Poetry Avant-Garde?
Translated title: Hur är digital poesi avantgardistisk?
Conference name: Questions autour de la poésie numérique / questions on digital poetry
Year: 2008
Publisher: University Paris
City: Paris
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Department: School of Technoculture, Humanities and Planning (*** !Error ***)
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Language: English
Abstract: In this paper, we discuss the opportunities and the difficulties of applying the concept of the avant-garde to digital poetry and poetics. We examine the question with reference to a body of critical and poetic works and performances from the recent E-poetry 2007 symposium in Paris. These works suggest that digital poetry treats the historical avant-garde as a tradition to draw on, rather than a model to emulate through truly disruptive practice.
Subject: The Humanities\English
The Humanities\Comparative Literature
Keywords: avant-garde, digital poesi, litteratur, digitala medier