Time is perception is money - web response times in mobile networks with application to Quality of Experience

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Author(s): Markus Fiedler, Patrik Arlos, Timothy A. Gonsalves, Anuraag Bhardwaj, Hans Nottehed
Title: Time is perception is money - web response times in mobile networks with application to Quality of Experience
Translated title: Tid är upplevelse är pengar - web svarstid i mobila nät med tillämpning mot upplevd tjänstekvalité
Journal: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Conference name: PERFORM, vienna
Year: 2011
Volume: 6821
Pagination: 179-190
ISSN: 0302-9743
Publisher: Springer
URI/DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-25575-5_15
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
Department: School of Computing (Sektionen för datavetenskap och kommunikation)
School of Computing S-371 79 Karlskrona
+46 455 38 50 00
Authors e-mail: markus.fiedler@bth.se
Language: English
Abstract: The number of mobile operators providing Internet access to end users is growing. However, irrespective of the access network, we observe a distinct sensitivity of user perception to response and download times, in particular for interactive services on the web. In order to facilitate the choice of the right network for a given task, this paper presents a systematic study of web download time and corresponding throughput
as a function of the file size. Based on measurement data from three Swedish mobile operators and a particular strategy of choosing file sizes, we find surprisingly simple, yet sufficiently accurate approximations of download times. These approximations are based on simple-to-measure parameters and provide valuable quantitative insights into the acceleration of HTTP/TCP/IP-based data delivery. The paper discusses the emergence of these approximations and related errors. Furthermore, it correlates the findings with Quality of Experience, thus building bridges between performance, user perception and provisioning issues.
Summary in Swedish: Pappret kvantifierar TCP:s accelerationsbeteende i mobila nät på ett enkelt sätt och relaterar detta till upplevd tjänstekvalité genom enkla formler.
Subject: Telecommunications\General
Computer Science\Networks and Communications
Keywords: Download time; interactive service; web service; throughput; user perception; file size; measurements; Quality of Experience
Note: To appear in Lecture Notes in Computer Science