Simulation Driven Design for Product-Service Systems

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Author(s): Isaksson Ola, Larsson Tobias, Kokkolaras Michael, Bertoni Marco
Title: Simulation Driven Design for Product-Service Systems
Book: The Philosopher's Stone for Sustainability
Year: 2013
Pagination: 465-470
Editor: Shimomura Yoshiki, Kimita Koji
Publisher: Springer
City: Berlin, Heidelberg
URI/DOI: 10.1007/978-3-642-32847-3_78
Organization: Blekinge Institute of Technology
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Language: English
Abstract: Total Offers, Functional Products, and Integrated Product Service Engineering reflect a shift toward service offers from manufacturing industry captured within the term Product-Service Systems (PSS). Manufacturing companies have traditionally focused design and development activities on realizing technical and engineered aspects of physical artifacts, while PSS include deeper understanding of customers’ expectation, needs and perceived value, hence calling for modelling of additional aspects. The change in early design processes and the effects on virtual modelling of product properties are discussed in this paper through aerospace industry examples to clarify ‘parameters of change’, giving suggestions for a simulation driven design (SDD) approach.
Subject: Mechanical Engineering\General
Keywords: Product-Service Systems, Simulation Driven Design, Engineering Design, Model Driven Development