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The Augment Project: Co-Constructive Mapping and Support of Accessibility and ParticipationEkelin, Annelie; Anderberg, Peter; Reddy, Kishore
Beyond the Buzz: Participatory, sustainable, convergent and high quality public e-services - developing methods and practices in India and SwedenEriksén, Sara; Ekelin, Annelie
Can Software Development be too Use Oriented? Going Native as an issue in Participatory Design.Dittrich, Yvonne; Lindeberg, Olle
Challenges and opportunities of sensor based user empowermentLundberg, Jenny; Gustavsson, Rune
Citizen-Driven Design: Leveraging Participatory Design of E-Government 2.0 Through Local and Global Collaborations.Ekelin, Annelie; Eriksén, Sara
Complicated Shadows : the Aesthetic Significance of Simulated Illumination in Digital GamesNiedenthal, Simon
Constructing Technical Objects: Reconfiguring the sociotechnical divide.Blomberg, Jeanette; Trigg, Randall
Controlling User Experience through Policing in the Software Development ProcessHellman, Mats; Rönkkö, Kari
Creating Synergies Between Participatory Design of E-Services and Collaborative PlanningWessels, Bridgette; Dittrich, Yvonne; Ekelin, Annelie; Eriksén, Sara
Design of IT in Use; supportive technologies for public servicesEriksén, Sara
Developing a Language for Participation. Project Language as a Meeting Place for Users and Developers in Participatory Software DevelopmentDittrich, Yvonne
The development is driven by our users not by ourselves-including users in the development of off-the-shelf softwareHansson, Christina; Dittrich, Yvonne; Randall, Dave
Digital kompetens i yrkeslärarutbildningen. Projektet Ung kommunikationHansson, Thomas
Does user participation matter in the design and development of e-participation tools? Experiences from a proof-of-concept projectEkelin, Annelie; Eriksén, Sara
E-government as co-construction: Networks, accountability, and working relations of technology production and useFiedler, Markus; Ekelin, Annelie; Dittrich, Yvonne; Eriksén, Sara
Educational programs in e-government - An active, practice- and design-oriented network?Elovaara, Pirjo; Eriksén, Sara; Ekelin, Annelie; Hansson, Christina; Nilsson, Monica E; Winter, Jeff
Engineering principles for open socio-technical systemsLundberg, Jenny
Enrolling Local Strategic Actors in Public Portal DevelopmentEkelin, Annelie; Ranerup, Agneta
An Ethnographic Approach to DesignBlomberg, Jeanette; Burrell, Mark; Guest, Greg
Exploring www and concepts of "genius loci" Eriksén, Sara
From Knowledge Transfer to Situated InnovationDittrich, Yvonne; Eriksén, Sara; Wessels, Bridgette
From Knowledge Transfer to Situated Innovation - Cultivating spaces for co-operation in innovation and design between academics, user-groups and ICT providersDittrich, Yvonne; Eriksén, Sara; Wessels, Bridgette
Förvaltning och medborgarskap i förändringLindblad-Gidlund, Katarina (editor); Ekelin, Annelie (editor); Eriksén, Sara (editor); Ranerup, Agneta (editor)
How to make Sense of Software. Interpretability as an Issue for Design.Dittrich, Yvonne
Inviting the world to innovate - managerial challenges and practices implementing web innovation toolsBengtsson, Lars; Ryzhkova, Natalia
Is TANGO a feminist project? (Or just a multitude of rhythms and a bunch of sore feet?)Eriksén, Sara
Is User Experience supported effectively in existing software development processes?Hellman, Mats; Rönkkö, Kari
KomInDu - A Small Project about Big IssuesEkelin, Annelie; Elovaara, Pirjo; Eriksén, Sara; Dittrich, Yvonne; Hansson, Christina; Landén, Sölve; Larsson, Anita; Olén, Ida; Winter, Jeff
Law, knowledge and mobility in local planningWinter, Jeff

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