Research by subject - Computer Science: Computersystems

The accuracy of early fault prediction in modified codeTomaszewski, Piotr; Lundberg, Lars; Grahn, Håkan
The Accuracy of Fault Prediction in Modified Code –Statistical Model vs. Expert EstimationTomaszewski, Piotr; Håkansson, Jim; Lundberg, Lars; Grahn, Håkan
An Activity Systems Theory Approach to Agent TechnologyZhang, Peng; Bai, Guohua
Activity Theory Ontology for Knowledge Sharing in E-healthBai, Guohua; Guo, Yang
An Adaptive Update-Based Cache Coherence Protocol for Reduction of Miss Rate and TrafficNilsson, Håkan; Stenström, Per
An Allocation Strategy Using Shadow-processors and Simulation TechniqueBroberg, Magnus; Lundberg, Lars; Grahn, Håkan
An alternative optimization technique for JavaScript enginesMartinsen, Jan Kasper; Grahn, Håkan
Analyzing Fixed Priority Global Multiprocessor Scheduling.Lundberg, Lars
The Application Kernel Approach - A Novel Approach for Adding SMP Support to Uniprocessor Operating SystemsKågström, Simon; Lundberg, Lars; Grahn, Håkan
Applying Multi-agent Systems Coordination to the Diabetic Healthcare CollaborationZhang, Peng; Bai, Guohua; Carlsson, Bengt; Johansson, Stefan J.
An Approach for Performance Measurements in Distributed CORBA Applications.Grahn, Håkan; Holgersson, Marcus
An approach towards using Agent in Multi-Agent Systems to streamline emergency servicesLundberg, Jenny; Håkansson, Anne
An argument for thread-level speculation and just-in-time compilation in the google's v8 javascript engineMartinsen, Jan Kasper; Grahn, Håkan; Isberg, Anders
Automated Software Component Verification and Test-Driven DevelopmentDamm, Lars-Ola; Lundberg, Lars; Olsson, David
Automatic Low Overhead Program Instrumentation with the LOPI frameworkKågström, Simon; Grahn, Håkan; Lundberg, Lars
Boosting the Performance of Shared Memory MultiprocessorsStenström, Per; Brorsson, Mats; Dahlgren, Fredrik; Grahn, Håkan; Dubois, Michel
Bounding the gain of changing the number of memory modules in shared memory multiprocessorsLundberg, Lars; Lennerstad, Håkan
The CacheMire Test Bench - A Flexible and Effective Approach for Simulation of MultiprocessorsBrorsson, Mats; Dahlgren, Fredrik; Nilsson, Håkan; Stenström, Per
Cibyl - an Environment for Language Diversity on Mobile DevicesKågström, Simon; Grahn, Håkan; Lundberg, Lars
A Class of Directory-Based Cache Coherence Protocols - Design Issues and Performance EvaluationNilsson, Håkan
Collaborative e-marketplaces containing clusters of SMEs: Drivers and barriers in the local food sectorPetrakou, Alexandra; Brandt, Patrik; Gustavsson, Rune; Jokela, Päivi
Color Interaction - Theory, Examples and ApplicationsSchenkman, Bo; Kjelldahl, Lars
Combinatorics for multiprocessor scheduling optimization and other contexts in computer architectureLennerstad, Håkan; Lundberg, Lars
Combinatorics for Scheduling OptimizationLundberg, Lars; Lennerstad, Håkan
Compact Rule Learner on Weighted Fuzzy Approximation Spaces for Class Imbalanced and Hybrid DataLiu, Yang; Feng, Boqin; Bai, Guohua
Company-wide Implementation of Metrics for Early Software Fault DetectionDamm, Lars-Ola; Lundberg, Lars
A Comparative Evaluation of Hardware-Only and Software-Only Directory Protocols in Shared-Memory MulitprocessorsGrahn, Håkan; Stenström, Per
A Comparative Evaluation of Re-scheduling Strategies for Train Dispatching during DisturbancesIqbal, Syed Muhammad Zeeshan; Grahn, Håkan; Krasemann, Johanna Törnquist
Comparing the Fault-Proneness of New and Modified Code – An Industrial Case StudyTomaszewski, Piotr; Damm, Lars-Ola
Comparing the optimal performance of different MIMD multiprocessor architecturesLundberg, Lars; Lennerstad, Håkan