Research by subject - Computer Science: Effects on Society

Agents with powerGustavsson, Rune
Aktiv på egna eller andras villkor – hur blir man delaktig?Ekelin, Annelie; Eriksén, Sara
Analysis Of Telematic Systems For Added Value Services In Road-Based Vehicle Freight TransportsMbiydzenyuy, Gideon; Persson, Jan A.; Davidsson, Paul
Analyzing systemic information infrastructure malfunctionMellstrand, Per; Ståhl, Björn
Anti-preferential attachment: If I follow you, will you follow me?Lang, Juan; Wu, Felix
Assessing the Benefits of Intelligent Truck ParkingSochor, Jana; Mbiydzenyuy, Gideon
Assessment of Telematic Systems for Road Freight TransportMbiydzenyuy, Gideon
Avant-Garde and Subversion in an Online 3D WorldBäcke, Maria
Avatars in Second Life: Creating a Persona in a Virtual WorldBäcke, Maria
Bringing back neighborhood spirit: Theoretical construct for developing a wireless peer-to-peer communication system independent of traditional internet service providersHarengel, Peter; Haxhixhemajli, Denis
Building up a Virtual Community for Home-Based Chronic Diseases HealthcareHu, Yan; Bai, Guohua
Camera position and presentation scale for infrared night vision system in cars.Schenkman, Bo; Brunnström, Kjell
Challenges and opportunities of sensor based user empowermentLundberg, Jenny; Gustavsson, Rune
Characterization framework for road transport telematic services.Mbiydzenyuy, Gideon
A Cloud Model for Interoperable Home-based Chronic Diseases HealthcareHu, Yan; Bai, Guohua
Color Interaction - Theory, Examples and ApplicationsSchenkman, Bo; Kjelldahl, Lars
Combining macro-level and agent-based modeling for improved freight transport analysisHolmgren, Johan; Ramstedt, Linda; Davidsson, Paul; Edwards, Henrik; Persson, Jan A.
Confidentiality Aspects within Road User Charging Systems: the Swedish CaseBoldt, Martin; Carlsson, Bengt
Coordination and Monitoring Services Based on Service Level Agreements in Smart GridsHussain, Shahid
Detecting serial residential burglaries using clusteringBorg, Anton; Boldt, Martin; Lavesson, Niklas; Melander, Ulf; Boeva, Veselka
Developing a Semantic Web Services for InteroperabilityBai, Guohua; Zhang, Peng
Distributed Load Balancing of District Heating Systems: A Small-scale ExperimentWernstedt, Fredrik; Davidsson, Paul
Does user participation matter in the design and development of e-participation tools? Experiences from a proof-of-concept projectEkelin, Annelie; Eriksén, Sara
Drivers and Barriers in the Local Food SectorPetrakou, Alexandra; Brandt, Patrik; Gustavsson, Rune; Jokela, Päivi
e-Health – Challenges and ApproachesBai, Guohua
Educational programs in e-government - An active, practice- and design-oriented network?Elovaara, Pirjo; Eriksén, Sara; Ekelin, Annelie; Hansson, Christina; Nilsson, Monica E; Winter, Jeff
Engineering of trustworthy smart grids implementing service level agreementsGustavsson, Rune; Hussain, Shahid; Nordström, Lars
Estimates of marginal cost savings for Intelligent Truck Parking Services in a combined deployment scenarioMbiydzenyuy, Gideon; Persson, Jan A.; Davidsson, Paul
Experimenting with InfrastructuresStåhl, Björn; Caire, Raphael; Thany, Luc Le; Gustavsson, Rune
Feminist Research and Computer Science: Starting a DialogueBjörkman, Christina