Research by subject - Computer Science: Networks and Communications

18th ITC Specialist Seminar on Quality of ExperienceFiedler, Markus; Blouin, Francois; Arlos, Patrik
The 5D modelNilsson, Monica E
5D: A bridge to new inter-institutional learning practices - A school-university coalitionNilsson, Monica E; Sutter, Berthel
Adapting the Streaming Video Based on the Estimated Position of the Region of InterestAziz, Hussein Muzahim; Fiedler, Markus; Grahn, Håkan; Lundberg, Lars
Adapting the Streaming Video on the Estimated Motion PositionAziz, Hussein Muzahim; Fiedler, Markus; Grahn, Hakan; Lundberg, Lars
Adaptive transmission in MIMO AF relay networks with orthogonal space-time block codes over Nakagami-m fadingPhan, Hoc; Duong, Quang Trung; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Shu, Lei
Algorithms for Automated Live Migration of Virtual MachinesForsman, Mattias; Glad, Andreas; Lundberg, Lars; Ilie, Dragos
Analyzing systemic information infrastructure malfunctionMellstrand, Per; Ståhl, Björn
An Application Layer architecture for Seamless RoamingPopescu, Adrian; Ilie, Dragos; Erman, David; Fiedler, Markus; Popescu, Alexandru; Vogeleer, Karel de
Application Layer Tracing for Performance EvaluationJena, Ajit K.; Popescu, Adrian; Nilsson, Arne A.
Application Level Performamce of Multimedia ServicesPruthi, Parag; Ilie, Dragos; Popescu, Adrian
An approach towards using Agent in Multi-Agent Systems to streamline emergency servicesLundberg, Jenny; Håkansson, Anne
ASPECTS: Agile spectrum securityPolyzos, George; Giannis, Marias; Arkoulis, Stamatios; Frangoudis, Pantelis; Fiedler, Markus; Popescu, Adrian; Meer, Hermann de; Herkenhöner, Ralph; Fischer, Andreas; Oberender, Jens
An Autonomic Approach to Verify End-to-End Communication QualityBinzenhöfer, Andreas; Schlosser, Daniel; Tutschku, Kurt; Fiedler, Markus
Back to Normal? Impact of Temporally Increasing Network Disturbances on QoEShaikh, Junaid; Fiedler, Markus; Paul, Pangkaj; Egger, Sebastian; Guyard, Frederic
Beacon-Enabled Cognitive Access for Dynamic Spectrum AccessNgoga, Said Rutabayiro; Yao, Yong; Popescu, Adrian
BETEXT: Cross Institutional Cooperation in the Digitalization of Cultural Heritage Documents in XMLDavis, Michael; Linde, Peter; Tran, Hoa
Bio-inspired metaheuristic based visual tracking and ego-motion estimationSiddiqui, Jawad Rafid; Khatibi, Siamak
BitTorrent Request Message ModelsErman, David; Popescu, Adrian
BitTorrent Session Characteristics and Models - Extended VersionErman, David; ilie, Dragos; Popescu, Adrian
BitTorrent Traffic CharacteristicsErman, David; Ilie, Dragos; Popescu, Adrian
BitTorrent Traffic Measurements and ModelsErman, David
Bringing back neighborhood spirit: Theoretical construct for developing a wireless peer-to-peer communication system independent of traditional internet service providersHarengel, Peter; Haxhixhemajli, Denis
Catching the download train: Energy-efficient file downloading on smartphonesIckin, Selim; Zinner, Thomas; Wac, Katarzyna; Fiedler, Markus
Classification of TCP Connection Termination Behaviors for Mobile WebShaikh, Junaid; Fiedler, Markus; Arlos, Patrik; Minhas, Tahir Nawaz; Collange, Denis
A Cloud Computing Solution for Sharing Healthcare InformationHu, Yan; Lu, Fangjie; Khan, Israr; Bai, Guohua
Cognitive MIMO relaying in Nakagami-m fadingYeoh, Phee Lep; Elkashlan, Maged; Duong, Trung Quang; Yang, Nan; Leung, Cyril
Cognitive multihop networks in spectrum sharing environment with multiple licensed usersKim, Kyeongjin; Duong, Quang Trung; Tsiftsis, Theodoros; Bao, Vo Nguyen Quoc
Cognitive Radio NetworksPopescu, Adrian
Cognitive Radio Networks with Elastic TrafficMartinez-Bauset, Jorge; Popescu, Alexandru; Pla, Vicent; Popescu, Adrian