Research by subject - Digital Game Development: General

Advanced Gaze Visualizations for Three-dimensional Virtual EnvironmentsStellmach, Sophie; Nacke, Lennart; Dachselt, Raimund
Affective Ludology : Scientific Measurement of User Experience in Interactive EntertainmentNacke, Lennart
Affective Ludology, Flow and Immersion in a First- Person Shooter: Measurement of Player ExperienceNacke, Lennart; Lindley, Craig
A biofeedback game for training arousal regulation during a stressful task: The space investorHilborn, Olle; Cederholm, Henrik; Eriksson, Jeanette; Lindley, Craig
Boredom, Immersion, Flow - A pilot study investigating player experienceNacke, Lennart; Lindley, Craig
Brain Training for Silver Gamers: Effects of Age and Game Form on Effectiveness, Efficiency, Self-Assessment, and Gameplay ExperienceNacke, Lennart; Nacke, Anne; Lindley, Craig
Crowd Light: Evaluating the Perceived Fidelity of Illuminated Dynamic ScenesJarabo, Adrian; Eyck, Tom Van; Sundstedt, Veronica; Bala, Kavita; Gutierrez, Diego; O’Sullivan, Carol
Dealing with Fog of War in a Real Time Strategy Game EnvironmentHagelbäck, Johan; Johansson, Stefan J.
Decision processes in simulation-based training for ISAF vehicle patrols.Sennersten, Charlotte; Castor, Martin; Gustavsson, Rune; Lindley, Craig
Design and Evaluation of Affective Serious Games for Emotion Regulation TrainingJerčić, Petar
Dissecting Play – Investigating the Cognitive and Emotional Motivations and Affects of Computer GameplayLindley, Craig; Nacke, Lennart; Sennersten, Charlotte
Electroencephalographic Assessment of Player Experience: A Pilot Study in Affective LudologyNacke, Lennart; Stellmach, Sophie; Lindley, Craig
Evaluation of a Curriculum for Technical ArtistsSundstedt, Veronica; Lanner, Martin
Exploring Peripheral LOD Change Detections during Interactive Gaming TasksLopez, Francisco; Molla, Ramon; Sundstedt, Veronica
EyePlay: Applications for Gaze in GamesTurner, Jayson; Velloso, Eduardo; Gellersen, Hans; Sundstedt, Veronica
Flow and Immersion in First-Person Shooters: Measuring the player’s gameplay experienceNacke, Lennart; Lindley, Craig
Focus on your players: Psychophysiological player experience logging as a powerful tool for gameplay analysisNacke, Lennart
Foundations of GameplayHolopainen, Jussi
From Playability to a Hierarchical Game Usability ModelNacke, Lennart
The Fun of Gaming: Measuring the Human Experience of Game EnjoymentNacke, Lennart
Future Game Design: Biofeedback and Player ExperienceNacke, Lennart
Game Design and Player EmotionsNacke, Lennart
Game Experience: Components and Methods of MeasurementNacke, Lennart
Game Metrics and Biometrics: The Future of Player Experience ResearchNacke, Lennart; Ambinder, Mike; Canossa, Alessandro; Mandryk, Regan; Stach, Tadeusz
Gameplay Experience in a Gaze Interaction GameNacke, Lennart; Stellmach, Sophie; Sasse, Dennis; Lindley, Craig
Gaze and Voice Controlled DrawingKamp, Jan van der; Sundstedt, Veronica
Gazing at Games: An Introduction to Eye Tracking ControlSundstedt, Veronica
Gazing at Games: Using Eye Tracking to Control Virtual CharactersSundstedt, Veronica
Influence Map-based Controllers for Ms. PacMan and the GhostsSvensson, Johan; Johansson, Stefan
An Innovation-Oriented Game Design Meta-Model Integrating Industry, Research and Artistic Design PracticesLindley, Craig; Sennersten, Charlotte