Research by subject - Economics: Macro Economics

Emerging clusters: Theoretical, empirical and political perspectives on the initial stage of cluster evolution – Edited by Dirk Fornahl, Sebastian Henn and Max-Peter MenzelTavassoli, Sam
En samhällsekonomisk utvärdering av VerköprojektetDahlquist, Håkan; Håkansson, Sune
Fighting unemployment on large housing estates: an example from SwedenPettersson, Lars; Öresjö, Eva
Financing home care in EuropeGenet, N; Gulacsi, L; Boerma, W; Hutchinson, A; Garms-Homolova, V; Naiditch, M; Lamura, G; Chablicz, S; Ersek, K; Fagerström, Cecilia
Forecasting Cellular Mobile Traffic: An Econometric ApproachArvidsson, Åke; Hederstierna, Anders; Hellmer, Stefan
Förstudie PriselasticitetHederstierna, Anders
Governance on home care in EuropeGenet, N; Boerma, W; Hutchinson, A; , ; Garms-Homolova, V; Naiditch, M; Lamura, G; Chablicz, S; Ersek, K; Gulacsi, L
How Application Integration, Security Issues and Pricing Strategies in Business Intelligence Shape Vendor DifferentiationSøilen, Klaus Solberg; Hasslinger, Anders
Improving employment and employabilityPettersson, Lars; Chignier-Riboulon, Franck
In press: In the quest for economic significance: Assessing variable importance through mean value decompositionHolgersson, Thomas; Norman, Therese; Tavassoli, Sam
In press: The role of knowledge variety and intensity for regional innovationTavassoli, Sam; Carbonara, Nunzia
Ingen samhällsekonomi med flygbussar mellan Stockholm och Arlanda - bara koldioxidutsläpp!Wall, Rickard
Innovation for future mobile servicesHelgeson, Bo; Hardemo, Isa; Olofsson, Sarah; Pettersson, Mårten; Hederstierna, Anders; Wrenne, Anders; Hallqvist, Klas
Integrating home care services in Europe.Genet, N; Ersek, K; Boerma, W; Hutchinson, A; Garms-Homolova, V; Naiditch, M; Lamura, G; Chablicz, S; Gulacsi, L; Fagerström, Cecilia
Macklean som ekonomSøilen, Klaus Solberg
Manufacturing Renaissance: Return of manufacturing to western countriesKianian, Babak; Larsson, Tobias; Tavassoli, Mohammad
Maturity, motivation and effective learning in projects - benefits from using industrial clientsJohansson, Conny; Molin, Peter
On the Evaluation of Market Power and Market Dominance - The Nordic Electricity MarketHellmer, Stefan; Wårell, Linda
Regionala innovationssystem. En fördjupad kunskapsöversiktNilsson, Jan-Evert; Uhlin, Åke
The Role of Knowledge Heterogeneity on the Innovative Capability of Industrial DistrictsCarbonara, Nunzia; Tavassoli, Sam
The Role of Universities in Regional Innovation Systems – A Nordic PerspectiveNilsson, Jan-Evert (editor)
The Shift from Geopolitics to Geoeconomics and the Failure of our Modern Social SciencesSøilen, Klaus Solberg
Simple and Accurate Forecasting of the Market for Cellular Mobile Services Arvidsson, Åke; Hederstierna, Anders; Hellmer, Stefan
SMILE RevisitedAppelquist, Joakim; Ekelin, Annelie; Jila, Florian; Hallqvist, Klas
Three stories about national sytems of innovationLidén, Alina
Un-cashed switching benefits - Loyalty or lock-ins? The case of district heating in SwedenHellmer, Stefan
The Value of transport telematic services in heavy goods vehicle transportMbiydzenyuy, Gideon; Persson, Jan A.; Clemedtson, Per Ola; Davidsson, Paul