Research by subject - Education: General

The 5D modelNilsson, Monica E
5D: A bridge to new inter-institutional learning practices - A school-university coalitionNilsson, Monica E; Sutter, Berthel
Adapting remote labs to learning scenarios: Case studies using VISIR and remotElectLabA.V., Fidalgo; G.R., Alves; M.A., Marques; M.C, Viegas; M.C, Costa-Lobo; U., Henandez-Jayo; J., Garcia-Zúbia; Ingvar, Gustavsson
Aha! Företagsamt lärande. En skola för förnyelseHansson, Thomas
Bibliometrisk analys av 5 sektioner vid Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, 2012Linde, Peter
Case Writing Projects in Co-Operation with Companies and OrganizationsBengtsson, Lars; Asplund, Carl-Johan
Co-construction of learning objects: Management and structureHansson, Thomas
Collaborative Learning of UML and SysMLTrapp, Sonja; Ramollari, Ervin; Heintz, Matthias; Weber, Sebastian; Dranidis, Dimitris; Börstler, Jürgen
Collaborative writing in a software game: re-enacting a Vygotskian DesignHansson, Thomas; Heugten, Loba van
Communication and Relation Building in Social SystemsHansson, Thomas
Competitive Intelligence at Trade ShowsSøilen, Klaus Solberg
Contemporary Approaches to Activity TheoryHansson, Thomas
Creating a learning environment for transformation: A case study of a course in sustainability leadershipMissimer, Merlina; Valente, Marco; Meisterheim, Tracy; Johnson, Pierre
Cultural-historical activity theory and interventionist methodology: Classical legacy and contemporary developmentsSannino, Annalisa; Sutter, Berthel
Democracy, method and valid knowledgeHansson, Thomas
Design and Development of Interactive Multimedia CD-ROMs for Rural Secondary Schools in UgandaLating, Peter Okidi; Kucel, Samule Baker; Trojer, Lena
Development of e-Learning Content and Delivery for Self Learning Environment : Case of Selected Rural Secondary Schools in TanzaniaLujara, Suzan
Development of Sustainable Hybrid Digital Libraries for Secondary Schools in Uganda: Arua Case StudyLating, Peter Okidi; Kucel, Samule Baker; Trojer, Lena
Digital Libraries - a challenge for Medical Research and EducationLinde, Peter
Digital Media for LearningHansson, Thomas
Digital Storytelling: A Multidimensional Tool in EducationNilsson, Monica E
E-Technologies in teaching research methodology for engineers – a case study of the course for international postgraduate studentsKulesza, Wlodek J.; Jachimczyk, Bartosz; Dziak, Damian
Educational Collaboration at Nordic Technical Universities - howe is it Performed and does it Affect Innovation and Entrepreneurship?Bengtsson, Lars
Educational programs in e-government - An active, practice- and design-oriented network?Elovaara, Pirjo; Eriksén, Sara; Ekelin, Annelie; Hansson, Christina; Nilsson, Monica E; Winter, Jeff
Educators in a Nordic Network for Curricular and Professional DevelopmentHansson, Thomas
En annan addition och Stern-Brocots trädLennerstad, Håkan; Lundberg, Lars
En narrativ och semantisk analys av studenters kreativa utvecklingWendel, Malin; Svensson, Martin
English as a second language on a virtual platform: Tradition and innovation in a new mediumHansson, Thomas
Evaluation of a Curriculum for Technical ArtistsSundstedt, Veronica; Lanner, Martin
An evolutionary textbook evolving by student activityLennerstad, Håkan