Research by subject - Medical Sciences

Aetiology of Tick-Borne Infections in an Adult Swedish Population - Are Co-Infections with Multiple Agents Common?Nordberg, Marika; Forsberg, Pia; Berglund, Johan; Bjöersdorff, Anneli; Ernerudh, Jan; Garpmo, Ulf; Haglund, Mats; Nilsson, Kenneth; Eliasson, Ingvar
Applied Fuzzy C-means Clustering to Operation Evaluation for Gastric Cancer PatientsZettervall, Hang; Rakus-Andersson, Elisabeth; Forssell, Henrik
Applied Multi-Expert Decision Making Issue Based on Linguistic Models for Prostate Cancer PatientsZettervall, Hang; Rakus-Andersson, Elisabeth; Frey, Janusz
Approximate Reasoning in Cancer SurgeryRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Assessment of carotid calcifications on panoramic radiographs in relation to other used methods and relationship to periodontitis and stroke: a literature reviewBengtsson, VW; Persson, Rutger; Renvert, Stefan
Association between Sleep Disturbances and Leisure Activities in the Elderly: A Comparison between Men and Women.Hellström, Amanda; Hellström, Patrik; Willman, Ania; Fagerström, Cecilia
Association of diagnosis of ischaemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus and heart failure with cognitive function in the elderly population.Berglund, Johan
Automatic Diagnosis of Diabetic Retinopathy from Fundus Images Using Digital Signal and Image Processing TechniquesAibinu, A.M.; Iqbal, Muhammad Imran; Nilsson, M.; Salami, M.J.E.
Biomedical applications of radiation force of ultrasound: Historical roots and physical basisSarvazyan, Armen; Rudenko, Oleg; Nyborg, Wesley
Calcium wave communication within the astroglial network via gap junctionsBlomstrand, F; Khatibi, Siamak; Muyderman, H; Olsson, T; Rönnbäck, L
Can communicative problems between caregivers and patients with severe dementia be bridged by help from a close family member?Holst, Göran; Rennemark, Mikael
The Choquet Integral Applied to Ranking Therapies in Radiation CystitisRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth; Frey, Janusz
Classifying the Severity of an Acute Coronary Syndrome by Mining Patient DataLavesson, Niklas; Halling, Anders; Freitag, Michael; Odeberg, Jacob; Odeberg, Håkan; Davidsson, Paul
Clinical Outcome of Erythema Migrans after Treatment with Phenoxymethyl PenicillinBennet, Louise; Danell, Sven; Berglund, Johan
Cluster of Bacteria Associated with Peri-ImplantitisPersson, Gösta Rutger; Renvert, Stefan
Clustering of Multiple Microarray Experiments Using Information IntegrationKostadinova, Elena; Boeva, Veselka; Lavesson, Niklas
Color interaction – theory, examples and applicationsSchenkman, Bo; Kjelldahl, Lars
Commentary on Wann-Hannson C, Hagell P, Willman A (2008) Risk factors and prevention among patients with hospital-acquired and pre-existing pressure ulcers in an acute care hospital. Journal of Clinical Nursing 17, 1718-1727 ResponseWann-Hansson, Christine; Hagell, Peter; Willman, Ania
Comorbidity and Sex-Related Differences in Mortality in Oxygen-Dependent Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseEkström, Magnus; Jogreus, Claes; Ström, Kerstin
Comparison between the Klemetti index and heel DXA BMD measurements in the diagnosis of reduced skeletal bone mineral density in the elderly.Halling, Anders; Persson, Gösta Rutger; Berglund, Johan; Johansson, Owe; Renvert, Stefan
Comparison of different treatment modalities for oral halitosisAdemovski, Seida Erovic; Lingström, Peter; Winkel, Edwin; Tangerman, Albert; Persson, Rutger; Renvert, Stefan
Concordance between elderly patients' understanding of and their primary healthcare physician's diagnosis of heart failure.Halling, Anders; Berglund, Johan
Costs and Utilities of Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Standard Care for Low-prioritized Orthopedic Outpatients of Working Age A Cost Consequence AnalysisLilje, Stina; Persson, Ulf B.; Tangen, Stine; Kasamoen, Stine; Skillgate, Eva
Decision Making Algorithms in ToxoplasmosisRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Decreased cognitive functions at the age of 66, as measured by the MMSE, associated with having left working life before the age of 60: Results from the SNAC studyRennemark, Mikael; Berglund, Johan
Depression and exercise in elderly men and women: findings from the Swedish national study on aging and care.Lindwall, Magnus; Rennemark, Mikael; Halling, Anders; Berglund, Johan; Hassmén, P
Diagnosis and treatment of heart failure in primary health care among elderly patients with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, with special reference to use of echocardiographyHalling, Anders; Berglund, Johan
Effects of a Standard Versus Comprehensive Oral Care Protocol Among Intubated Neuroscience ICU Patients: Results of a Randomized Controlled TrialPrendergast, Virginia; Jakobsson, Ulf; Renvert, Stefan; Hallberg, Ingalill
Evaluation of Medicine Action LevelsRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Factors related to peri-implantitis - a retrospective studyRenvert, Stefan; Aghazadeh, Ahmad; Hallström, Hadar; Persson, Gösta Rutger