Research by subject - Psychology: General

Affective Ludology : Scientific Measurement of User Experience in Interactive EntertainmentNacke, Lennart
Affective Ludology, Flow and Immersion in a First- Person Shooter: Measurement of Player ExperienceNacke, Lennart; Lindley, Craig
Analysing Inter-Observer Saliency Variations in Task-Free Viewing of Natural ImagesEngelke, Ulrich; Maeder, Anthony; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Blind and sighted individual´s thresholds for ordinary pitch, repetition pitch and loudness.Schenkman, Bo N.; Nilsson, Mats E.
Boredom, Immersion, Flow - A pilot study investigating player experienceNacke, Lennart; Lindley, Craig
Brain Training for Silver Gamers: Effects of Age and Game Form on Effectiveness, Efficiency, Self-Assessment, and Gameplay ExperienceNacke, Lennart; Nacke, Anne; Lindley, Craig
Brief Emotional Vocal Expressions: Proxies for Decision Making in Emergency Calls?Svensson, Martin; Lindström, Erik
Can communicative problems between caregivers and patients with severe dementia be bridged by help from a close family member?Holst, Göran; Rennemark, Mikael
Change Blindness When Viewing Web PagesSteffner, Daniel; Schenkman, Bo
Change blindness when viewing web pagesSteffner, Daniel; Schenkman, Bo
Change blindness when viewing web pagesSteffner, Daniel; Schenkman, Bo
Color Interaction - Theory, Examples and ApplicationsSchenkman, Bo; Kjelldahl, Lars
Color interaction – theory, examples and applicationsSchenkman, Bo; Kjelldahl, Lars
Comparing Two Eye-Tracking Databases: The Effect Of Experimental Setup And Image Presentation Time On The Creation Of Saliency MapsEngelke, Ulrich; Liu, Hantao; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Heynderickx, Ingrid; Maeder, Anthony
Constituting "the subject" in poststructuralist discourse.Davies, Bronwyn; Browne, Jenny; Gannon, Susanne; Hopkins, Lekkie; McCann, Helen; Wihlborg, Monne
Depression and exercise in elderly men and women: findings from the Swedish national study on aging and care.Lindwall, Magnus; Rennemark, Mikael; Halling, Anders; Berglund, Johan; Hassmén, P
Design and Evaluation of Affective Serious Games for Emotion Regulation TrainingJerčić, Petar
Didaktik och människokunskapHansson, Thomas
Dissecting Play – Investigating the Cognitive and Emotional Motivations and Affects of Computer GameplayLindley, Craig; Nacke, Lennart; Sennersten, Charlotte
Distribution of personality, individual characteristics and internet usage in Swedish older adultsBerner, Jessica; Rennemark, Mikael; Jogréus, Claes; Berglund, Johan
The Effect of Spatial Distortion Distributions on Human Viewing Behaviour when Judging Image QualityEngelke, Ulrich; Maeder, Anthony; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Effects of individual planning prior to teamwork on generation of ideas and goals.Eisele, Per
Electroencephalographic Assessment of Player Experience: A Pilot Study in Affective LudologyNacke, Lennart; Stellmach, Sophie; Lindley, Craig
Energy metrics unique enough for smartphone-based video QoE evaluation?Ickin, Selim
Factors related to frequent usage of the primary healthcare services in old age: findings from The Swedish National Study on Aging and CareRennemark, Mikael; Holst, Göran; Fagerström, Cecilia; Halling, Anders
Flow and Immersion in First-Person Shooters: Measuring the player’s gameplay experienceNacke, Lennart; Lindley, Craig
Focus on your players: Psychophysiological player experience logging as a powerful tool for gameplay analysisNacke, Lennart
Fri tankeprocess och medvetenhet om kreativitet: En studie av studenters kreativa utveckling i kursen Kreativitet, Idéer och Innovation ur ett psykologiskt perspektiv.Wendel, Malin
The Fun of Gaming: Measuring the Human Experience of Game EnjoymentNacke, Lennart
Future Game Design: Biofeedback and Player ExperienceNacke, Lennart