Research by subject - Public Health: General

5-y follow-up study of patients with neuroborreliosisBerglund, Johan; Stjernberg, Louise; Ornstein, Katharina; Tykesson/Joelsson, Katarina; Walter, Hallstein
A 5-years follow-up of patients with neuroborreliosis.Berglund, Johan; Stjernberg, Louise; Ornstein, Katharina; Tykesson/Joelsson, Katarina; Walter, Hallstein
Aetiology of Tick-Borne Infections in an Adult Swedish Population - Are Co-Infections with Multiple Agents Common?Nordberg, Marika; Forsberg, Pia; Berglund, Johan; Bjöersdorff, Anneli; Ernerudh, Jan; Garpmo, Ulf; Haglund, Mats; Nilsson, Kenneth; Eliasson, Ingvar
Age and gender effect on the use of herbal medicine products and food supplements among the elderlyStjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan; Halling, Anders
An Application of Fuzzy Set Theory in a Diagnostic Process Extended in TimeRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Application of Space-Time Signal Processing and Active Control Algorithms for the Suppression of Electromagnetic FieldsHult, Tommy; Mohammed, Abbas
Approximate Reasoning in Surgical DecisionsRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Association of diagnosis of ischaemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus and heart failure with cognitive function in the elderly population.Berglund, Johan
Behandling hos naprapat kan avlasta köer till ortopederLilje, Stina
Children born to women with intellectual disabilities - 5-year incidence in a Swedish countyWeiber, Ingrid; Berglund, Johan; Tengland, Per-Anders; Eklund, Mona
Children born to women with intellectual disabilities: 5-year incidence in a Swedish countyWeiber, Ingrid; Berglund, Johan; Tengland, Per-Anders; Eklund, Mona
Clinical appearance of erythema migrans caused by Borrelia afzelii and Borrelia garinii - effect of the patient´s sexBennet, Louise; Fraenkel, Carl-Johan; Garpmo, Ulf; Halling, Anders; Ingman, Mikael; Ornstein, Katharina; Stjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan
Clinical Aspects of Erythema Migrans in Southern SwedenBennet, Louise; Fraenkel, Carl-Johan; Stjernberg, Louise; Garpmo, Ulf; Ingman, Mikael; Ornstein, Katharina; Berglund, Johan
Clinical Outcome of Erythema Migrans after Treatment with Phenoxymethyl PenicillinBennet, Louise; Danell, Sven; Berglund, Johan
Color interaction – theory, examples and applicationsSchenkman, Bo; Kjelldahl, Lars
Comparison between the Klemetti index and heel DXA BMD measurements in the diagnosis of reduced skeletal bone mineral density in the elderly.Halling, Anders; Persson, Gösta Rutger; Berglund, Johan; Johansson, Owe; Renvert, Stefan
A Comparison of Fuzzy Decision Making Models Supporting the Optimal TherapyRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Concordance between elderly patients' understanding of and their primary healthcare physician's diagnosis of heart failure.Halling, Anders; Berglund, Johan
Depression and exercise in elderly men and women: findings from the Swedish national study on aging and care.Lindwall, Magnus; Rennemark, Mikael; Halling, Anders; Berglund, Johan; Hassmén, P
Detecting ticks on light versus dark clothingStjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan
Developing a Semantic Web Services for InteroperabilityBai, Guohua; Zhang, Peng
Developing Health Counselling in Child Health Care. Participatory Action Research in the Primary Health Care. Olander, Ewy
A Diagnostic Process Extended in Time as a Fuzzy ModelRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Differences in physical activity patterns among women and men with and without childrenForss, Katarina Sjögren; Stjernberg, Louise
Distribution of personality, individual characteristics and internet usage in Swedish older adultsBerner, Jessica; Rennemark, Mikael; Jogréus, Claes; Berglund, Johan
E-hälsa - Utmaningen och MöjligheterBai, Guohua
Ebola: an open letter to European governmentsMartin-Moreno, J.M.; Ricciardi, W.; Bjegovic-Mikanovic, V.; Maguire, P.; McKee, M.; Stjernberg, Louise
Effect of Gender on Clinical and Epidemiologic Features of Lyme BorreliosisBennet, Louise; Stjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan
Enrolling Local Strategic Actors in Public Portal DevelopmentEkelin, Annelie; Ranerup, Agneta
Epidemiological aspects of tick borne diseases with focus on risk and preventionStjernberg, Louise