Research by subject - Sustainability: General

Adaptation Spinoffs from Technological and Socio-economic ChangesWilk, Julie; Hjerpe, Mattias; Rydhagen, Birgitta
Advancing from efficiency to sustainability in Swedish medium-sized cities: an approach for recommending powertrains and energy carriers for public bus transport systemsNurhadi, Lisiana; Borén, Sven; Ny, Henrik
Analyzing the concept of planetary boundaries from a strategic sustainability perspective: How does humanity avoid tipping the planet?Robèrt, Karl-Henrik; Broman, Göran; Basile, George
An approach to assessing sustainability integration in strategic decision systems for product developmentHallstedt, Sophie; Ny, Henrik; Robèrt, Karl-Henrik; Broman, Göran
An Approach to Sustainability Product Analysis in Product DevelopmentByggeth, Sophie; Broman, Göran; Lundqvist, Ulrika; Robèrt, Karl-Henrik; Holmberg, John
Approaching Strategic Sustainable Materials ManagementLindahl, Pia
Assessment of criteria development for public procurement from a strategic sustainability perspectiveBratt, Cecilia; Hallstedt, Sophie; Robèrt, Karl Henrik; Broman, Göran; Oldmark, Jonas
Assessment of Eco-Labelling and Green Procurement from a Strategic Sustainability PerspectiveBratt, Cecilia
Assessment of Eco-labelling Criteria Development from a Strategic Sustainability PerspectiveBratt, Cecilia; Hallstedt, Sophie; Broman, Göran; Robèrt, Karl-Henrik; Oldmark, Jonas
Benefits of a Product Service System Approach for Long-life Products: The Case of Light TubesThompson, Anthony; Ny, Henrik; Lindahl, Pia; Broman, Göran; Severinsson, Mikael
Catching the download train: Energy-efficient file downloading on smartphonesIckin, Selim; Zinner, Thomas; Wac, Katarzyna; Fiedler, Markus
Clarification of sustainability consequences of manufacturing processes in conceptual designHallstedt, Sophie; Isaksson, Ola
Climate Change Adaptation in urban India: The inclusive formulation of local adaptation strategiesJonsson, Anna C; Rydhagen, Birgitta; Wilk, Julie; Feroz, AR; Rani, Ashu; Kumar, Arun
Collaboration for sustainability in a networked worldPetzel, Rebecca; Archer, Alice-Marie; Fei, Rong
Coping with System Sustainability: A Sociocybernetics Framework for Social-Economic System ArchitectureBai, Guohua; Henesey, Lawrence
Creating a learning environment for transformation: A case study of a course in sustainability leadershipMissimer, Merlina; Valente, Marco; Meisterheim, Tracy; Johnson, Pierre
Decision Support Approach for Modeling Sustainability Consequences in an Aerospace Value ChainHallstedt, Sophie; Thompson, Anthony; Isaksson, Ola; Larsson, Tobias; Ny, Henrik
Decision Support Tools for Sustainability in Product Innovation in a Few Swedish CompaniesThompson, Anthony; Lindahl, Pia; Hallstedt, Sophie; Ny, Henrik; Broman, Göran
Deliberation or doctrine? Land use and spatial planning for sustainable development in swedenPersson, Christer
Demonstrating the Stalling Events with Instantaneous Total Power Consumption in Smartphone-based Live Video StreamingIckin, Selim; Fiedler, Markus; Wac, Katarzyna
Eco-labelling criteria development for strategic life cycle managementBratt, Cecilia
Environmental Aspects in Product Development - an Investigation among Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesByggeth, Sophie; Broman, Göran
Exploring the possibility of a systematic and generic approach to social sustainabilityMissimer, Merlina; Robèrt, Karl-Henrik; Broman, Göran; Sverdrup, Harald
A Foundation for Sustainable Product DevelopmentHallstedt, Sophie
Genus och miljöRydhagen, Birgitta
Handling trade-offs in Ecodesign tools for Sustainable Product Development and ProcurementByggeth, Sophie; Hochschorner, Elisabeth
How can fossil fuel based public bus transport systems become a sustainable solution for Swedish medium-sized cities?Borén, Sven; Nurhadi, Lisiana; Ny, Henrik
Hållbarhets- och kostnadsanalys av energibärare för bussar i medelstora svenska städer: SLCA, LCA, LCC jämförelseanalys av biogas, biodiesel, diesel, elhybrid, laddhybrid och eldrift för kollektivtrafikbussar i Karlskrona, Jönköping och SundsvallBorén, Sven; Nurhadi, Lisiana; Ny, Henrik
Indicators in Sustainability ThingsPetris, Linus de
Integrating a Strategic Sustainability Perspective into Eco-Labelling, Procurement and Supply Chain ManagementBratt, Cecilia