Research by subject - Telecommunications: Fluid Flow Models

Analysis of deterministic servers with Ornstein-Uhlenbeck input process for voice traffic multiplexingHasslinger, Gerhard; Fiedler, Markus
Application of the stochastic fluid flow model for bottleneck identification and classificationFiedler, Markus; Tutschku, Kurt
Direct Evaluation of Required Capacity for ATM MultiplexFiedler, Markus
Formula for the required capacity of an ATM multiplexerFiedler, Markus
Identification of performance degradation in IP networks using throughput statisticsFiedler, Markus; Tutschku, Kurt; Carlsson, Patrik; Nilsson, Arne A.
The impact of varying channel capacity on the quality of advanced data services in PCS networksFiedler, Markus; Krieger, Udo R.
Internet performance issues for safety-critical applicationsFiedler, Markus
Iterative computations of bit rate summary statistics at inlet and outlet of a discrete time fluid queueDuursma, Rick; Fiedler, Markus
Matching Multi-Fractal Process Parameters Against Real Data TrafficCarlsson, Patrik; Fiedler, Markus; Nilsson, Arne A.
Measurements and analysis of application-perceived throughput via mobile linksFiedler, Markus; Isaksson, Lennart; Chevul, Stefan; Karlsson, Johan; Lindberg, Peter
Modeling and Analysis of Wireless Network Segments with aid of Teletraffic Fluid Flow ModelsFiedler, Markus
Multi-Timescale Modelling of Ethernet TrafficCarlsson, Patrik
Multifractal Products of Stochastic Processes: Fluid Flow AnalysisCarlsson, Patrik; Fiedler, Markus
The Network Utility Function: A practicable concept for assessing network impact on distributed servicesFiedler, Markus; Chevul, Stefan; Radtke, Olaf; Tutschku, Kurt; Binzenhöfer, Andreas
New results on the numerical stability of the stochastic fluid flow model analysisFiedler, Markus; Voos, Holger
On Application-Perceived Quality of Service in Wireless NetworksChevul, Stefan
The relevance of the bufferless analysis for traffic management in telecommunication networksHasslinger, Gerhard; Hartleb, Franz; Fiedler, Markus
Required capacity for ATM Virtual Paths for QoS on cell and connection levelFiedler, Markus; Arvidsson, Åke
A Resource Allocation Law to Satisfy QoS Demands on ATM Burst and Connection LevelFiedler, Markus; Arvidsson, Åke
Traffic Measurement and CharacterizationFiedler, Markus
Traffic Measurement, Characterization and ModelingFiedler, Markus
Verification and application of a second-order scale symmetry for queueing systemsFiedler, Markus; Addie, Ron G.
Voice and Multi-fractal Data in the InternetFiedler, Markus; Carlsson, Patrik; Nilsson, Arne A.
Waiting Time Quantiles for the Gaussian Voice Traffic ModelFiedler, Markus; Hasslinger, Gerhard
Why buffers in switching systems do not essentially improve QoS: An analytical case study for aggregated On-off trafficHasslinger, Gerhard; Fiedler, Markus