Research by subject - The Humanities: English

Aesthetics of Noise in Digital Literary Arts Engberg, Maria
Aesthetics of Noise in Digital PoetryEngberg, Maria
Avant-Garde and Subversion in an Online 3D WorldBäcke, Maria
Avatars in Second Life: Creating a Persona in a Virtual WorldBäcke, Maria
Born Digital-en avhandling om digital poesiEngberg, Maria
Born Digital: Writing Poetry in the Age of Digital MediaEngberg, Maria
Construction of Digital Space: Second Life as a fantasy or a work tool Bäcke, Maria
Cultural Contact and Conflict: Teaching Argumentation through International Internet ConferencingDavis, Michael; Rouzie, Albert
The Departure of the Author: A Post-Structuralist Reading of Gerald Murnane's Landscape with LandscapeHansson, Karin
The Desire for Transparency in an Era of HybridityBolter, Jay
Digital Literature and the Modernist ProblemEngberg, Maria; Bolter, Jay
Digital Literature and the Modernist ProblemEngberg, Maria; Bolter, Jay
Digital Poemevents: Leaved Life and Spatiotemporal FormEngberg, Maria
Digital Technology and the Remediation of Cinema. Bolter, Jay
The Discourse of Oratory: The New Rhetoric and Romantic Writing in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century BritainDavis, Michael
Entering Heart of Darkness from a Postcolonial perspective. Teaching NotesHansson, Karin
Genre, Form, and Cultural Practice in Contemporary Electronic LiteratureEngberg, Maria
Gerald Murnane's Changing GeographiesHansson, Karin
How Is Digital Poetry Avant-Garde?Engberg, Maria; Bolter, Jay
Humanisme, humanitet og hypertekst: Lareing, lederskap og etikk i det elektroniske klassrommetDavis, Michael
Humanism, Humanities and Hypertext: Learning, Authority and Ethics in the Electronic ClassroomDavis, Michael
Identity to Fit the Environment: The Creation of Avatars in Second Life Role-Playing SimsBäcke, Maria
Interactive Presentation-- Scattered Leaves: A Different Introduction to PoetryDavis, Michael; Comer, Keith
IT För Humanister HDA110: Teaching Students to Teach Students ComputersDavis, Michael
Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness: White LiesHansson, Karin
Joseph Conrad and the University CurriculumHansson, Karin
Journeys, Myths and the Age of Travel:
Joseph Conrad’s Era
Hansson, Karin (editor)
Making Sense of Images in a Narrative: The Case of HA!Engberg, Maria; Fjellestad, Danuta
Morphing Into New Modes of Writing: John Cayley's riverIslandEngberg, Maria
New Media and the Permanent Crisis of AuraBolter, Jay