Research by subject - Computer Science: Electronic security

Key-hiding on the ARM platformNilsson, Alexander; Andersson, Marcus; Axelsson, Stefan
Learning to detect spyware using end user license agreementsLavesson, Niklas; Boldt, Martin; Davidsson, Paul; Jacobsson, Andreas
Measuring Profile Distance in Online Social NetworksLavesson, Niklas; Johnson, Henric
Money Laundering Detection using Synthetic DataLopez-Rojas, Edgar Alonso; Axelsson, Stefan
Monitoring Infrastructure AffordancesBjörn, Ståhl
Multi Agent Based Simulation (MABS) of Financial Transactions for Anti Money Laundering (AML)Lopez-Rojas, Edgar Alonso; Axelsson, Stefan
The Normalised Compression Distance as a File Fragment ClassifierAxelsson, Stefan
Om säkerhet i digitala ekosystemCarlsson, Bengt; Jacobsson, Andreas
On Contamination in Information EcosystemsCarlsson, Bengt; Jacobsson, Andreas
On the Concept of Trust in Online Social NetworksJohnson, Henric; Lavesson, Niklas; Zhao, Haifeng; Wu, Shyhtsun Felix
On the Simulation of Financial Transactions for Fraud Detection ResearchLopez-Rojas, Edgar Alonso
Preventing privacy-invasive software using collaborative reputation systemsBoldt, Martin; Carlsson, Bengt; Larsson, Tobias; Lindén, Niklas
Preventing Privacy-Invasive Software using Online ReputationsBoldt, Martin; Carlsson, Bengt; Larsson, Tobias; Lindén, Niklas
Privacy-Invasive SoftwareBoldt, Martin
Privacy-Invasive Software - Exploring Effects and CountermeasuresBoldt, Martin
Privacy and security in Internet-based information systemsJacobsson, Andreas
Protecting Software Execution by Dynamic Environment HardeningMellstrand, Per
Security Analysis of the Swedish Road User Charging SystemCarlsson, Bengt; Boldt, Martin
Security and privacy issues for the network of the futureMarias, Giannis; Barros, Joao; Fiedler, Markus; Fischer, Andreas; Hauff, Harald; Herkenhoener, Ralph; Grillo, Antonio; Lentini, Alessandro; Lima, Luisa; Lorentzen, Charlott
Security Aspects on Inter-Organizational Cooperation Using Wrapper AgentsCarlsson, Bengt; Davidsson, Paul; Jacobsson, Andreas; Johansson, Stefan J.; Persson, Jan A.
Security Consistency in Information Ecosystems : Structuring the Risk Environment on the InternetCarlsson, Bengt; Jacobsson, Andreas
Similarity assessment for removal of noisy end user license agreementsLavesson, Niklas; Axelsson, Stefan
A socially-aware operating system for trustworthy computingOliveira, Daniela; Murthy, Dhiraj; Johnson, Henric; Wu, Felix; Nia, Roozbeh; Rowe, Jeff
Static Code Analysis to Detect Software Security Vulnerabilities - Does Experience Matter?Baca, Dejan; Petersen, Kai; Carlsson, Bengt; Lundberg, Lars
Toward Adjustable Lightweight Authentication for Network Access ControlJohnson, Henric
VMI-PL: A monitoring language for virtual platforms using virtual machine introspectionWestphal, Florian; Axelsson, Stefan; Neuhaus, Christian; Polze, Andreas