Research by subject - Human Work Science: Work Practice

Innovation for future mobile servicesHelgeson, Bo; Hardemo, Isa; Olofsson, Sarah; Pettersson, Mårten; Hederstierna, Anders; Wrenne, Anders; Hallqvist, Klas
Instruction at heart. Activity-theoretical studies of learning and development in coronary clinical workSutter, Berthel
Instrumental action: the timely exchange of implements during surgical operationsSvensson, Marcus Sanchez; Heath, Christian; Luff, Paul
Interactional features of a paper-based monitoring systemTap, Hans
Interactional features of a paper-based monitoring systemTap, Hans
Interpretation, interaction and reality construction in software engineering: An explanatory modelRönkkö, Kari
It Takes More than Two to TANGO:Co-constructing Situated Accountability through a Local E-Government ArenaEkelin, Annelie
Localisation, recognition and orientation of alarmsSvensson, Marcus Sanchez; Tap, Hans; Sjöberg, Astrid Selling
Location in Work Practices. The Social Shaping of a Personal Digital AssistantBergkvist, Viktor; Emilson, Marcus; Rouchy, Philippe; Björgvinsson, Erling Bjarki; Brandt, Eva; Hillgren, Per-Anders; Harden, Sue
Location, Navigation and Coordination : Studies of Work Practice and TechnologyPettersson, Mårten
Making Methods Work in Software Engineering: Method Deployment - as a Social AchievementRönkkö, Kari
Mapping out and constructing the needs - a pilot study of on-line public services and citizens involvementEkelin, Annelie
Monitoring practice and alarm technology in anaesthesiologySvensson, Marcus Sanchez
Monitoring practice: event detection and system designSvensson, Marcus Sanchez; Heath, Christian; Luff, Paul
Moving document collections online: The evolution of a shared repositoryTrigg, Randall; Blomberg, Jeanette; Suchman, Lucy
Natural Seriousness in LearningAndersson, Björn; Rouchy, Philippe
Nurses' methods and their relation to designTap, Hans
När ljud pockar på uppmärksamhetSvensson, Marcus Sanchez
O Night Without ObjectsFinley, Jeanne; Muse, John; Suchman, Lucy; Blomberg, Jeanette; Newman, Susan; Trigg, Randall
On Harvey Sacks’ Research ProgramRouchy, Philippe
On Shared Understanding in Software EngineeringGlinz, Martin; Fricker, Samuel
On the practice of queuing and new forms of interactionHardemo, Isa
Participatory inquiry - Collaborative Design Johansson, Martin
Perspectives on Productivity and Delays in Large-Scale Agile ProjectsBadampudi, Deepika; Fricker, Samuel; Moreno, Ana
The Polish Brains Behind the Breaking of the Enigma Code Before and During the Second World WarRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
The practice of "Fluid balance". Humans and artifacts in medical workTap, Hans; Sutter, Berthel
The Problem of Objects in Design of Health Care Information SystemsKyhlbäck, Hans
Psychological climate and its relation to work performance and well-being: the role of general self-efficacy and organizational citizenship behaviorEisele, Per; D’Amato, Alessia
Reconstructing technologies as social practiceSuchman, Lucy; Blomberg, Jeanette; Orr, Julian; Trigg, Randall
Richer Reachability through "interviewing the field"Olofsson, Sarah; Pettersson, Mårten

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