Research by subject - Mechanical Engineering: General

Dynamic modelling of some nonlinear materialsHedberg, Claes
Dynamics Study of an Automobile Exhaust SystemWall, Johan
Enhancements of energy and Q-factor of a nonlinear resonator with increase in its lossesRudenko, Oleg; Sobisevich, A.L.; Sobisevich, L.E.; Hedberg, Claes
Enhancing supply chain collaboration in automotive industry by value driven simulationPanarotto, Massimo; Larsson, Tobias; Larsson, Andreas
Environmental Aspects in Product Development - an Investigation among Small and Medium Sized EnterprisesByggeth, Sophie; Broman, Göran
Experimental and Numerical fracture of cracks emanating from different types of flaws in thin polymer filmsAndreasson, Eskil; Mehmood, Nasir; Mao, Tan; Kao-Walter, Sharon
Experimental Investigation of a Rammer Soil Compactor Machine on Linear Spring FoundationJönsson, Anders; Broman, Göran
Experimental Study of Packaging Materials Based on Acoustic Measurements Combined with Tensile TestsYang, Kai; Mfoumou, Etienne; Kao-Walter, Sharon; Chi, Yilin
An Experimental, Numerical and SEM Study of Fracture in a Thin Polymer FilmAndreasson, Eskil; Mehnmood, Nasir; Mao, Tan
Finite-Amplitude Standing Acoustic Waves in a Cubically Nonlinear MediumRudenko, Oleg; Hedberg, Claes; Enflo, Bengt
A Finite Element Analysis of a Crack Penetrating or Deflecting into an Interface in a Thin LaminateKao-Walter, Sharon; Ståhle, Per; Chen, S.H.
First principles study of CO reactivity on metallic nano particlesLindberg, Vanja
Fluid jet polishing of planar flat glass surfaces and within holesStålhandske, Christina; Persson, Kent; Lang, Maria; Jönsson, Anders
A Foundation for Sustainable Product DevelopmentHallstedt, Sophie
Fourier decomposition of a plane nonlinear sound wave and transition from Fubini´s to Fay´s solution of Burger´s equationEnflo, Bengt; Hedberg, Claes
Fourier decomposition of a plane nonlinear sound wave developing from a sinusoidal sourceEnflo, Bengt; Hedberg, Claes
Fracture Behavior of an Ultra Thin Al-foil- Measuring and Modelling of the Fracture ProcessKao-Walter, Sharon; Ståhle, Per
Fracture Mechanism and Acoustic Damage Analysis of Thin MaterialsMfoumou, Etienne; Kao-Walter, Sharon; Hedberg, Claes
Fracture Mechanisms of a Thin Elastic Plastic LaminateBjerkén, Christina; Kao-Walter, Sharon; Ståhle, Per
Fracture toughness of a laminated compositeKao-Walter, Sharon; Ståhle, Per; Hägglund, Rickard
Fracture Toughness Testing of Non Standard SpecimensMfoumou, Etienne; Kao-Walter, Sharon
From Friendship Provinces to University Teacher/Student ExchangeKao-Walter, Sharon; Huang, Yayu
Group analysis of evolutionary integro-differential equations describing nonlinear waves: General modelIbragimov, Nail H.; Meleshko, Sergey; Rudenko, Oleg
Handling trade-offs in Ecodesign tools for Sustainable Product Development and ProcurementByggeth, Sophie; Hochschorner, Elisabeth
A Health-IoT Platform Based on the Integration of Intelligent Packaging, Unobtrusive Bio-Sensor and Intelligent Medicine BoxYang, Geng; Li, Xie; Mäntysalo, Matti; Zhou, Xiaolin; Pang, Zhibo; Xu, Li Da; Kao-Walter, Sharon; Chen, Qiang; Zheng, Lirong
High Frequency Measurements of Cutting Forces in Milling by Inverse FilteringMagnevall, Martin; Lundblad, Mikael; Ahlin, Kjell; Broman, Göran
Holistic methodology using computer simulation for optimisation of machine toolsFredin, Johan; Jönsson, Anders; Broman, Göran
How to Implement the Virtual Machine Concept Using xPC TargetBathelt, Jens; Jönsson, Anders
Identification and Simulation Methods for Nonlinear Mechanical Systems Subjected to Stochastic ExcitationJosefsson, Andreas
Impacts of project-overload on innovation inside organizations: Agent-based modelingDehkordi, Farnaz Motamediyan; Thompson, Anthony; Larsson, Tobias

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