Research by subject - Psychology: General

Game Design and Player EmotionsNacke, Lennart
Game Experience: Components and Methods of MeasurementNacke, Lennart
Game Metrics and Biometrics: The Future of Player Experience ResearchNacke, Lennart; Ambinder, Mike; Canossa, Alessandro; Mandryk, Regan; Stach, Tadeusz
Gameplay Experience in a Gaze Interaction GameNacke, Lennart; Stellmach, Sophie; Sasse, Dennis; Lindley, Craig
Gameplay (3D Game Engine + Ray Tracing = Visual Attention through Eye Tracking)Sennersten, Charlotte
Hot hands or Cold feet of e-Auction Consumers:Aspects of Affect, Construal, Risk and Temporality.Svensson, Martin; Robson, Ian
Human echolocation: Blind and sighted persons' ability to detect sounds recorded in the presence of a reflecting objectSchenkman, Bo; Nilsson, Mats E.
Human echolocation: The relative importance of pitch and loudnessSchenkman, Bo; Nilsson, Mats E.
ICT, Learnin Objects and Activity TheoryHansson, Thomas
Implementation of psychological therapies for anxiety and depression in routine practice: Two year prospective cohort studyRichards, David A.; Borglin, Gunilla
An improved Web search engine for visually impaired usersYang, Yi; Hwang, Sheue Ling; Schenkman, Bo
Make-believe and make-belief in Second Life role-playing communitiesBäcke, Maria
Modelling Perceptual Quality and Visual Saliency for Image and Video CommunicationsEngelke, Ulrich
More than a feeling: Measurement of sonic user experience and psychophysiology in a first-person shooter gameNacke, Lennart; Grimshaw, Mark; Lindley, Craig
A Multiple Software Approach to Understanding ValuesHansson, Thomas; Carey, Greg; Kjartansson, Rafn
Next Generation Testing: Biometric Analysis of Player ExperienceNacke, Lennart
Night Vision Systems in Cars: A Review of Principles, Experimental Results and RecommendationsLi, Wenchen; Schenkman, Bo; Brunnström, Kjell
Notes on Attitudes to Statistics among Swedish Psychology and Education Science Students: The Effects of Self-perception and AnxietySchenkman, Bo
Pedagogik, undervisning och lärandeHansson, Thomas
Playability and Player Experience ResearchNacke, Lennart; Drachen, Anders; Kuikkaniemi, Kai; Niesenhaus, Joerg; Korhonen, Hannu J.; Hoogen, Wouter M. van den; Poels, Karolien; Ijsselsteijn, Wijnand A.; Kort, Yvonne A. W. de
Player-game Interaction Through Affective SoundNacke, Lennart; Grimshaw, Mark
Psychological climate and its relation to work performance and well-being: the role of general self-efficacy and organizational citizenship behaviorEisele, Per; D’Amato, Alessia
Psychometric properties and factor structure of the Swedish version of the Perceived Stress Scale.Eklund, Mona; Bäckström, Martin; Tuvesson, Hanna
Psychosocial work environment, stress factors and individual characteristics among nursing staff in psychiatric in-patient careTuvesson, Hanna; Eklund, Mona
Reflektion i bloggarHansson, Thomas
Remote Acoustic Monitoring of Thin LaminatesMfoumou, Etienne; Kao-Walter, Sharon; Hedberg, Claes
Routes, Routines and Emotions in Decision Making of Emergency Call TakersSvensson, Martin
Social Self in a Virtual WorldHansson, Thomas
Sound and Immersion in the First-Person Shooter: Mixed Measurement of the Player's Sonic ExperienceGrimshaw, Mark; Lindley, Craig; Nacke, Lennart
Studying the challenges in assessing the perceived quality of mobile-phone based videoIckin, Selim; Janowski, Lucjan; Wac, Katarzyna; Fiedler, Markus

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