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Face Classification Based on Linguistic Description of Facial FeaturesKurach, Damian; Rutkowska, Danuta; Rakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Face Detection using Local SMQT Features and Split Up SNoW ClassifierNilsson, Mikael; Nordberg, Jörgen; Claesson, Ingvar
The face of suffering among women with breast cancer - Being in a field of forcesArman, Maria; Rehnsfeldt, Arne; Lindholm, L; Hamrin, Elisabeth
Factor Analysis with Qualitative Factors and Yager’s Probability in the Lattice of Verbal Fuzzy NumbersRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Factor Analysis with Qualitative Factors as Fuzzy NumbersRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Factorial validity and invariance of the Life Satisfaction Index in older people across groups and time: Addressing the heterogeneity of age, functional ability, and depressionFagerström, Cecilia; Lindwall, Magnus; Berg, Anne; Rennemark, Mikael
Factors associated with active commuting among parents-to-be in Karlskrona, SwedenThern, Emelie; Forss, Katarina Sjögren; Jogreus, Claes; Stjernberg, Louise
Factors associated with change in Internet usage of Swedish older adults (2004-2010)Berner, Jessica; Rennemark, Mikael; Jogréus, Claes; Berglund, Johan
Factors Determining Effective Realization of MDA in IndustryStaron, Miroslaw; Kuzniarz, Ludwik; Wallin, L.
Factors influencing outdoor recreation physical activity among elderly in the south eastern part of SwedenSjögren, Katarina; Stjernberg, Louise
Factors influencing quality of experience of commonly-used mobile applicationsIckin, Selim; Wac, Katarzyna; Fiedler, Markus; Janowski, Lucjan; Hong, Jin-Hyuk; Dey, Anind K.
Factors related to frequent usage of the primary healthcare services in old age: findings from The Swedish National Study on Aging and CareRennemark, Mikael; Holst, Göran; Fagerström, Cecilia; Halling, Anders
Factors related to peri-implantitis - a retrospective studyRenvert, Stefan; Aghazadeh, Ahmad; Hallström, Hadar; Persson, Gösta Rutger
Fallstudierapport : uppföljningar av miljöbedömningar av regionalt tillväxtprogram och regional transportinfrastrukturplan för SkåneWallgren, Oskar
A family based model for dementia care in Blekinge, SwedenHolst, Göran
Family businesses as emotional arenas: The influence of family CEO’s empathy and external monitoring on the importance of family goals.Heuvel, Jeroen van den; Goel, Sanjay; Gils, Anita Van; Voordeckers, Wim
Family members of older persons with multi-morbidity and their experiences of case managers in Sweden: an interpretive phenomenological approachHjelm, Markus; Holmgren, Ann-Charlotte; Willman, Ania; Bohman, Doris Marianne; Holst, Göran
Family Suffering Related to War Experiences: an Interpretative Synopsis Review of the Literature from a Caring Science PerspectiveIsovaara, Sten; Arman, Maria; Rehnsfeldt, Arne
Fast-Time STAP for clutter suppression between transmitter and receiver in bistatic radarBjörklund, Svante; Nelander, Anders
A fast algorithm for the optimal design of high accuracy windows in signal processingYiu, KFC; Gao, MJ; Shiu, TJ; Wu, SY; Tran, Trung Quang; Claesson, Ingvar
Fast backprojection algorithm for UWB bistatic SARVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats
Fast Detection of Moving Targets by Focusing in Multi-Channel Ultra-Wideband SARVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats
Fast detection of moving targets by focusing in Ultra-wideband SARVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats
Fast factorized backprojection algorithm for UWB SAR image reconstructionVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats
Fast kd-Tree Construction for 3D-rendering Algorithms like Ray TracingHussain, Sajid; Grahn, Håkan
Fast Time-Domain Algorithms for UWB Bistatic SAR ProcessingVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats
Fatigue Life Prediction using Forces in Welded Plates of Moderate ThicknessFransson, Pär; Pettersson, Gert
A Fault-Driven Lightweight Process Improvement ApproachHenningsson, Kennet; Birath, Thomas; Molin, Peter
A Fault Classification Approach to Software Process ImprovementHenningsson, Kennet
Fault tolerant high voltage resonant power converter applicationHultgren, Anders; Bui, S.; Linnér, Jörgen; Ranstad, Per; Lenells, Matz