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Radiation processes in the Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151Eriksson, Mattias
Railway traffic disturbance managementTörnquist, Johanna
Railway traffic disturbance management — An experimental analysis of disturbance complexity, management objectives and limitations in planning horizonTörnquist, Johanna
Randomized Trial: Immunogenicity and Safety of Coadministered Human Papillomavirus-16/18 AS04-Adjuvanted Vaccine and Combined Hepatitis A and B Vaccine in GirlsPedersen, Court; Breindahl, Morten; Aggarwal, Naresh; Berglund, Johan; Oroszlan, Gyoergy; Silfverdal, Sven Arne; Szuts, Peter; O'Mahony, Michael; David, Marie-Pierre; Dobbelaere, Kurt
Ranking Journals, Conferences and Authors in Computer Graphics: A Fuzzy ReasoningHussain, Sajid; Grahn, Håkan
Ranking of Weighted Strategies in the Two-Player Games with Fuzzy Entries of the Payoff MatrixRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth; Salomonsson, Maria; Zettervall, Hang
Rate-user-perceived-quality aware replication strategy for video streaming over wireless mesh networksVo, Nguyen-Son; Chen, Wenqing; Duong, Quang Trung
RBWA: an efficient random-bit window-based authentication protocolZhao, Fan; Shin, Yongjoo; Wu, Felix; Johnson, Henric; Nilsson, Arne A.
Re-osseointegration on previously contaminated surfaces: a systematic reviewRenvert, Stefan; Polyzois, Ioannis; Maguire, Rory
Re-thinking excellence; getting smart between the no longer and the not yet comments on the convergence of knowledge and politicsGulbrandsen, Elisabeth; Trojer, Lena
Re-thinking Innovation Measurement to Manage Innovation-Related Dichotomies in PracticeNilsson, Susanne; Wallin, Johanna; Benaim, Andre; Annosi, Maria Carmela; Berntsson, Richard; Ritzén, Sofia; Magnusson, Mats
A reactive mutli-agent approach to car driving using artificial potential fieldsUusitalo, Tim; Johansson, Stefan J.
Reactive strategy choice in StarCraft by means of Fuzzy ControlPreuss, Mike; Kozakowski, Daniel; Hagelbäck, Johan; Trautmann, Heike
Read what you trust: An open wiki model enhanced by social contextZhao, Haifeng; Kallander, William; Gbedema, Tometi; Johnson, Henric; Wu, Felix
Ready-made-media-actions : Lokal produktion och användning av audiovisuella medier inom hälso- och sjukvårdenHillgren, Per-Anders
Real-space electronbic-property calculations for nano-scale structureTorsti, T; Lindberg, Vanja
Real-Time DSP Implementation of a Subband Beamforming Algorithm for Dual Microphone Speech EnhancementYermeche, Zohra; Sällberg, Benny; Grbic, Nedelko; Claesson, Ingvar
Real-Time Implementation of an Adaptive Gain Equalizer for Speech Enhancement PurposesWesterlund, Nils; Dahl, Mattias; Claesson, Ingvar
Real-time landscape-size convective clouds simulationGoswami, Prashant; Neyret, Fabrice
Real-time scheduling in cloud-based virtualized software systemsLundberg, Lars; Sogand, Shirinbab
Real-Time Unequal Error Protection for Wireless ImagingIqbal, Muhammad Imran; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
Real Time Eye Gaze Logging in a 3D Game/Simulation WorldSennersten, Charlotte; Lindley, Craig
Real Time Management of Virtual PathsArvidsson, Åke
Real Time Realistic Skin TranslucencyJimenez, Jorge; Whelan, David; Sundstedt, Veronica; Gutierrez, Diego
Real Time Traffic Management by Dynamic Bandwidth AllocationArvidsson, Åke
Realistic Package Opening Simulations : An Experimental Mechanics and Physics Based ApproachAndreasson, Eskil
Realities of Transdisciplinary Research Development in Uganda, co-evolution of Knowledge in Triple Helix ProcessesLating, Peter Okidi
Reasons for bottlenecks in very large-scale system of systems developmentPetersen, Kai; Khurum, Mahvish; Angelis, Lefteris
Recension: Mats Adolfsson, Fogdemakt och bondevrede 1500-1718Bergman, Karl