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Vad är entreprenöriella universitet och best practice?Bengtsson, Lars
Validating BitTorrent ModelsErman, David; Saavedra, Daniel; González, José Á. Sánchez; Popescu, Adrian
Validating Critical Thinking SoftwareRolf, Bertil
Validation and Quality in FI-PPP e-Health Use Case, FI-STAR ProjectCousin, Philippe; Fricker, Samuel; Felmy, Dean; Gall, Franck Le; Fiedler, Markus
Validation of Simulations of Bluetooth's Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum TechniqueIsaksson, Lennart; Fiedler, Markus; Nilsson, Arne A.
Validation of the Team Diagnostic Survey and a Field Experiment to Examine the Effects of an Intervention to Increase Team EffectivenessEisele, Per
Valuation-based coalition formation in multi-agent systemsJohansson, Stefan J.
Value-­Driven Design -­ A methodology to Link Expectations to Technical Requirements in the Extended EnterpriseIsaksson, Ola; Kossman, Mario; Bertoni, Marco; Eres, Hakki; Monceaux, Anne; Bertoni, Alessandro; Wiseall, Steve; Zhang, Xinwei
A Value-Based Approach in Requirements Engineering: Explaining Some of the Fundamental ConceptsAurum, Aybüke; Wohlin, Claes
Value-oriented concept selection in aero-engine sub-systems design: the EVOKE approachBertoni, Marco; Bertoni, Alessandro; Isaksson, Ola; Amnell, Henrik; Johansson, Christian
Value assessment of sustainability hotspots in conceptual design: an aerospace study.Bertoni, Marco; Hallstedt, Sophie; Isaksson, Ola
The Value of transport telematic services in heavy goods vehicle transportMbiydzenyuy, Gideon; Persson, Jan A.; Clemedtson, Per Ola; Davidsson, Paul
Value simulation in conceptual phases of PSS designTobias, Larsson; Massimo, Panarotto; Ola, Isaksson; Andreas, Larsson
Value visualization in Product Service Systems preliminary designBertoni, Alessandro; Bertoni, Marco; Isaksson, Ola
Values and ethics amidst the economic crisisSchröder-Bäck, Peter; Stjernberg, Louise; Borg, Ann Marie
Var ligger Literien? - Kartläggning av ett projekt i vardandeLinde, Peter
Variability-Based Release PlanningFricker, Samuel; Schumacher, Susanne
Variability in Evolving Software Product LinesSvahnberg, Mikael
Variability in Software SystemsGurp, Jilles van
Variation of High Power Air TransducerHedberg, Claes; Ghazisaeidi, Hamid
Various Signal Processing Techniques used on non-Stationary Acoustic Doppler Current Data. Volume I - XILagö, Thomas L; Olsson, Sven
Vascular intersection detection in retina fundus images using a new hybrid approachAibinu, A.M.; Iqbal, Muhammad Imran; Shafie, A.A.; Salami, M.J.E.; Nilsson, Mikael
Vem bestämmer - om medborgarinflytande och kommunal planering. Erfarenheter från Sydlänsprojektet.Birgersson, Tommy; Gynnerstedt, Kerstin; Öresjö, Eva
The verbal space of fuzzy numbers in the fuzzy development and adaptation of statistical and numerical methods Rakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Verification and application of a second-order scale symmetry for queueing systemsFiedler, Markus; Addie, Ron G.
Verification of UML Models using XMI Language.Staron, Miroslaw; Kwiatkowski, J
Verifying Framework-Based Applications by Establishing ConformanceMolin, Peter
Vetenskapligt skrivande - filosofi, psykologi och pedagogikHansson, Thomas
Veto-based Malware DetectionShahzad, Raja Khurram; Lavesson, Niklas
Vibration-Based Damage Detection and Evaluation of Sheet Materials using a Remote Acoustic ExcitationMfoumou, Etienne; Hedberg, Claes; Kao-Walter, Sharon