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Waiting Time Quantiles for the Gaussian Voice Traffic ModelFiedler, Markus; Hasslinger, Gerhard
Waiting times in quality of experience for web based servicesEgger, Sebastian; Hossfeld, Tobias; Schatz, Raimund; Fiedler, Markus
Waltergruppens skolor ABSolberg Søilen, Klaus; Huber, Stefan
Waste and Lead Time Reduction in a Software Product Customization Process with Value Stream MapsMujtaba, Shahid; Feldt, Robert; Petersen, Kai
WaterCalls: An ambient call-queue for cooperation between emergency service centresPettersson, Mårten
The waterfall model in large-scale developmentPetersen, Kai; Wohlin, Claes; Baca, Dejan
Wave anisotropy of shear viscosity and elasticityRudenko, Oleg; Sarvazyan, A.P.
Wave Biomechanics of the Skeletal MuscleRudenko, Oleg; Sarvazyan, Armen
Wave motion in a medium with a cubic nonlinearityHedberg, Claes; Enflo, Bengt; Rudenko, Oleg
Waveform Optimization for Integrated Radar and Communication Systems Using Meta-Heuristic AlgorithmsJamil, Momin; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
The way forward in partnerships for education and training in public healthBjegovic-Mikanovic, Vesna; Laaser, Ulrich; Vukovic, Dejana; Stjernberg, Louise; Otok, Robert; Czabanowska, Katarzyna
WCDMA Capacity and Coverage Enhancement from Multiple High Altitude Platform ConfigurationHult, Tommy; Grace, David; Mohammed, Abbas
WCDMA Coverage Enhancement from Multiple High Altitude PlatformsHult, Tommy; Mohammed, Abbas; Grace, David
WCDMA Uplink Interference Assessment from Multiple High Altitude Platform ConfigurationsHult, Tommy
WCOP '98 - Summary of the Third International Workshop on Component-Oriented ProgrammingBosch, Jan; Szyperski, Clemens; Weck, Wolfgang
WCOP ´99 - Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Component-Oriented ProgrammingBosch, Jan (editor); Szyperski, Clemens (editor); Weck, Wolfgang (editor)
We are not yet there! in debate with Eevi Beck's P for PoliticalDittrich, Yvonne
"We clean our houses, prepare for the weddings and go to funerals or go for shopping"an ethnographic study of elderly African rural people in Majaneng, South AfricaBohman, Doris; Ekman, Sirkka-Liisa; Wyk, Neltjie C. van; Vasuthevan, Sharon
"We Clean Our Houses, Prepare for Weddings and Go to Funerals": Daily Lives of Elderly Africans in Majaneng, South AfricaBohman, Doris; Vasuthevan, Sharon; Wyk, Neltjie C. van; Ekman, Sirkka-Liisa
We don’t need an Ambulance then!: Technological Handling of the UnexpectedPettersson, Mårten; Rouchy, Philippe
Web-based Communication and Systems Thinking among EducatorsHansson, Thomas
Web-based customer innovation: A replication with extensionRyzhkova, Natalia
Web-Enabled Customer Involvement in Innovation Activities : a Firm's PerspectiveRyzhkova, Natalia
Weighted Chebyshev Approximation for the Design of Broadband Beamformers using Quadratic ProgrammingNordebo, Sven; Claesson, Ingvar; Nordholm, Sven
Weighted Modulation Spaces and Pseudo-Differential OperatorsToft, Joachim
A Well-Conditioned Quadratic Program for Unique Design of Two Dimensional Weighted Chebyshev FIR FiltersNordebo, Sven; Claesson, Ingvar
Wellbeing among people with dementia and their next of kin over a period of 3 yearsHolst, Göran; Edberg, Anna-Karin
What are the Significant Cost Factors for COSMIC Functional Size Based Effort Estimation?Bajwa, Sohaib Shahid; Gencel, Cigdem
What do we know about software development in startups?Giardino, Carmine; Unterkalmsteiner, Michael; Paternoster, Nicoló; Gorschek, Tony; Abrahamsson, Pekka
What does it mean to Know Computer Science? Perspectives from Gender ResearchBjörkman, Christina; Trojer, Lena