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Managing pain in older persons who receive home-help for their daily living. Perceptions by older persons and care providersBlomqvist, Kerstin; Hallberg, Ingalill R
Managing Rejected Ideas from Projects— A Way to Avoid Idea CemeteriesKarlsson, Anna; Törlind, Peter; Johansson, Christian
Managing Software Engineering KnowledgeAurum, Aybüke (editor); Jeffery, Ross (editor); Wohlin, Claes (editor); Handzic, Meliha (editor)
Managing uncertainty and ambiguity in gates: Decision making in aerospace product developmentJohansson, Christian
Managing Uncertainty and Ambiguity in Gates: Decision Making in Aerospace Product DevelopmentJohansson, Christian
Manufacturing knowledge: Going from production of things to designing value in useEricson, Åsa; Johansson, Christian; Nergård, Henrik
Manufacturing Renaissance: Return of manufacturing to western countriesKianian, Babak; Larsson, Tobias; Tavassoli, Mohammad
Mapping attitudes and awareness with regard to national guidelines: An e-mail survey among decision makersSandström, Boel; Willman, Ania; Svensson, Bengt; Borglin, Gunilla
Mapping customer needs to engineering characteristics: an aerospace perspective for conceptual designEres, Murat Hakki; Bertoni, Marco; Kossman, Mario; Scanlan, James
Mapping out and constructing the needs - a pilot study of on-line public services and citizens involvementEkelin, Annelie
Mapping service quality - measuring and comparing quality of experience and quality of service for Internet-based map servicesEriksén, Sara; Eliasson, Charlott; Fiedler, Markus; Chevul, Stefan; Ekelin, Annelie
Market-Driven Control in Container Terminal ManagementHenesey, Lawrence; Wernstedt, Fredrik; Davidsson, Paul
Market-Oriented Programming and its Application to Power Load ManagementYgge, Fredrik
Market Based Approach to Container Terminal Management.Henesey, Lawrence; Wernstedt, Fredrik; Davidsson, Paul
Market Intelligence: Building Strategic InsightSolberg Søilen, Klaus; Jenster, Per
MARS – A Multi-agent System Playing RISKJohansson, Stefan J.; Olsson, F.
The Maslov Index of Periodic Hamiltonian OrbitsGosson, Maurice de; Gosson, Serge de
Matching Multi-Fractal Process Parameters Against Real Data TrafficCarlsson, Patrik; Fiedler, Markus; Nilsson, Arne A.
Matematikens dubbelnatur –undflyende innehåll,självtillräckligt språkLennerstad, Håkan
Matematiska språkLennerstad, Håkan (editor); Bergsten, Christer (editor)
Material substitution and weight reduction as steps towards a sustainable disposable diaperLindahl, Pia; Broman, Göran; Robèrt, Karl-Henrik
Mathcad in Teaching Rotor and Structural DynamicsBroman, Göran; Östholm, Stefan
Maturity, motivation and effective learning in projects - benefits from using industrial clientsJohansson, Conny; Molin, Peter
The maximum gain of increasing the number of preemptions in multiprocessor schedulingKlonowska, Kamilla; Lundberg, Lars; Lennerstad, Håkan
The Meaning of Being Supportive for Family Caregivers as Narrated by Registered Nurses Working in Palliative HomecareStoltz, Peter; Lindholm, Maud; Udén, Giggi; Willman, Ania
The Meaning of Support as Narrated by Family Carers Who Care for a Senior Relative at HomeStoltz, Peter; Willman, Ania; Udén, Giggi
Meaninglessness in the Desert of the Real. Arguing for a Form of Meaning and Unpretentious Objects. Molin, Rebecka
Measurement and Analysis of BitTorrent Signaling TrafficErman, David; Ilie, Dragos; Popescu, Adrian; Nilsson, Arne A.
Measurement and Analysis of Gnutella Signaling TrafficIlie, Dragos; Erman, David; Popescu, Adrian; Nilsson, Arne A.
Measurement and Analysis of HTTP TrafficBhole, Yogesh; Popescu, Adrian

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