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A New Active Headset for a Helicopter ApplicationWinberg, Mathias; Johansson, Sven
A New Active Headset for a Helicopter ApplicationJohansson, Sven; Winberg, Mathias; Lagö, Thomas L; Claesson, Ingvar
A new conservation theoremIbragimov, Nail H.
New cutting technology provides improved workpiece finish and increased tool lifeLagö, Thomas L; Zimmergren, Rolf; Boyer, Alan; Claesson, Ingvar; Håkansson, Lars
A New Design Method for Broadband Microphone Arrays for Speech Input in AutomobilesFai, Cedric Yiu Ka; Grbic, Nedelko; Kok-Lay, Teo; Nordholm, Sven
New Forms of Work in the Light of Globalization in Software DevelopmentSmite, Darja; Borzovs, Juris
A New General Front-End Technique for Complex Quadratic Programming - Applications to Array Pattern SynthesisDahl, Mattias; Nordebo, Sven; Claesson, Ingvar
A New Index for the Citation Curve of ResearchersWohlin, Claes
A new kind of societal knowledge creation?Sutter, Berthel
A New Low Complex Reference Free Video Quality PredictorRossholm, Andreas; Lövström, Benny
New Media and the Permanent Crisis of AuraBolter, Jay
A New Method of Acoustical Remote Evaluation of Defective Structures and Material CharacterizationMfoumou, Etienne; Hedberg, Claes; Kao-Walter, Sharon; Narayanswamy, S.
A New Method of Correcting Uneven Illumination Problem in Fundus ImagesAibinu, A.M.; Iqbal, Muhammad Imran; Nilsson, M.; Salami, M.J.E.
A New Methodology for Evaluating Various Methods of 3D Reconstruction from Single ImageWen, Wei; Khatibi, Siamak
A New Passive/Active Hybrid Headset for a Helicopter ApplicationJohansson, Sven; Winberg, Mathias; Claesson, Ingvar
A New Passive/Active Hybrid Headset for a Helicopter ApplicationWinberg, Mathias; Johansson, Sven; Lagö, Thomas L; Claesson, Ingvar
A new pilot-signal based space-time adaptive algorithmGustafsson, Ronnie; Mohammed, Abbas
A New Pilot-Signal based Space-Time Adaptive AlgorithmGrbic, Nedelko; Nordholm, Sven; Nordberg, Jörgen; Claesson, Ingvar
New results on the numerical stability of the stochastic fluid flow model analysisFiedler, Markus; Voos, Holger
A new solution approach for simultaneous mobility issues in seamless handoverChowdhury, Mohammad; Iqbal, Mohammad
A New Subband Weight Transform for Delayless Subband Adaptive Filtering StructuresLarson, Lars-Olof; Haan, Jan Mark de; Claesson, Ingvar
A New Video Quality Predictor Based on Decoder Parameter ExtractionRossholm, Andreas; Lövström, Benny
A newly detected TBE focus in the south-eastern part of Sweden: a follow-up study of TBEV seroprevalence, 1991 and 2002.Stjernberg, Louise
A newly detected tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) focus in southeastern Sweden: a follow-up study of TBE virus (TBEV) seroprevalenceStjernberg, Louise; Holmkvist, Karin; Berglund, Johan
Newly graduated nurse anesthetists' experiences and views on anesthesia nursing -- a phenomenographic studyLarsson-Mauleon, Annika
The Newton Interpolation Method with Fuzzy Numbers as the EntriesRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth
Next Generation Broadband Services from High Altitude PlatformsMohammed, Abbas; Yang, Zhe
Next Generation Testing: Biometric Analysis of Player ExperienceNacke, Lennart
Night Vision Systems in Cars: A Review of Principles, Experimental Results and RecommendationsLi, Wenchen; Schenkman, Bo; Brunnström, Kjell
Nipsoft ABSolberg Søilen, Klaus; Huber, Stefan

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