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A theme to unite the resources of different remote laboratoriesKondabathini, Vishal; Boutamina, Sara; Vinjarapu, S. K D
Theoretical Analysis and Assessment of Depolarization Effects on the Performance of High Altitude PlatformsHult, Tommy; Mohammed, Abbas
Theoretical Aspects on Performance Bounds and Fault Tolerance in Parallel ComputingKlonowska, Kamilla
A Theoretical Study of Generalised Sidelobe Cancellers in an Isotropic Noise FieldNordholm, Sven; Leung, Ye Hong
A theory-based educational intervention targeting nurses’ attitudes and knowledge concerning cancer-related pain management: A study protocol of a quasi-experimental designBorglin, Gunilla; Gustafsson, Markus; Krona, Hans
Theory and Practice of behavior in open computational systems.Fredriksson, Martin; Gustavsson, Rune
Theory of Nonlinear Acoustics in FluidsEnflo, Bengt; Hedberg, Claes
There is no panaceaÖresjö, Eva
Third International Workshop on Quality in ModelingSourrouille, Jean Louis; Kuzniarz, Ludwik; Pareto, Lars; Mohagheghi, Parastoo; Staron, Miroslaw
Third International Workshop on Quality in ModelingKuzniarz, Ludwik; Pareto, Lars; Sourrouille, Jean Louis; Staron, Miroslaw
Third international workshop on software product management -- IWSPM'09Gorschek, Tony; Fricker, Samuel; Brinkkemper, Sjaak; Ebert, Christof
Third Student Conference on Advanced Object-Oriented ConceptsBosch, Jan (editor)
Thread-level speculation as an optimization technique in Web Applications Initial resultsMartinsen, Jan Kasper; Grahn, Håkan
Thread-Level Speculation for Web ApplicationsMartinsen, Jan Kasper; Grahn, Håkan
Three-dimensional non-linear rotating surface waves in channels of variable depth in the presence of formation of a small perturbation of atmospheric pressure across the channelIbragimov, Nail H.; Aitbayev, Rakhim; Ibragimov, Ranis
Three Nonlinear NDE Techniques On Three Diverse ObjectsHaller, Kristian; Hedberg, Claes
Three stories about national sytems of innovationLidén, Alina
The Throughput Utility Function: Assessing network impact on mobile servicesFiedler, Markus; Chevul, Stefan; Isaksson, Lennart; Tutschku, Kurt; Binzenhöfer, Andreas
Tick-exposure during conscription in a high endemic area. A study of intervention.Stjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan
Tick attachment and the colour of clothingStjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan
Tick prevention in a population living in a highly endemic areaStjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan
Tick prevention in a population living in a highly endemic areaStjernberg, Louise; Berglund, Johan
Tight Bounds on the Minimum Euclidean Distance for Block Coded Phase Shift KeyingNilsson, Magnus; Lennerstad, Håkan
Tillitskrisen - Om tillit, misstro och kontroll i det framväxande informationssamhälletStevrin, Peter
Tillväxtpolitik som alternativ till tillväxtNilsson, Jan-Evert
Time-dependent exact solutions of the nonlinear Kompaneets equationIbragimov, Nail H.
Time is perception is money - web response times in mobile networks with application to Quality of ExperienceFiedler, Markus; Arlos, Patrik; Gonsalves, Timothy A.; Bhardwaj, Anuraag; Nottehed, Hans
Timeout Probability for Cognitive Radio NetworksSibomana, Louis; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Tran, Hung; Kabiri, Charles
To Be or Not to Be Active: Exploring Practices of eParticipation Ekelin, Annelie
TOMVA ABSolberg Søilen, Klaus; Huber, Stefan

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