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Fluid Wave Actuator for the Active Control of Hydraulic Pulsations in Piping SystemsMaillard, Julien; Lagö, Thomas L; Winberg, Mathias; Fuller, Chris
Focus Group Discussion in Developing Tanzania Secondary Schools e-Learning (TanSSe-L) SystemKalinga, Ellen; Bagile, Burchard; Trojer, Lena
Focus on your players: Psychophysiological player experience logging as a powerful tool for gameplay analysisNacke, Lennart
ForCES Protocol SpecificationDoria, Avri
Forecasting Cellular Mobile Traffic: An Econometric ApproachArvidsson, Åke; Hederstierna, Anders; Hellmer, Stefan
Forest Clutter Suppression for Moving Target Detection in UHF Dual Channel SARSjögren, Thomas; Vu, Viet; Pettersson, Mats; Wang, Feng; Murdin, Daniel; Gustavsson, Anders; Ulander, Lars
A Formal Analysis of Virtual Enterprise Creation and OperationJacobsson, Andreas; Davidsson, Paul
Forming Consensus on Testability in Software Developing OrganizationsMårtensson, Frans; Grahn, Håkan; Mattsson, Michael
Formula for the required capacity of an ATM multiplexerFiedler, Markus
Forskning i Öst och Väst, Nord och SydKjellqvist, Tomas
Forskning om Smarta Antenner och MIMO vid BTHMohammed, Abbas
Forskning pågår - Fokus på sambandet munhälsa - allmänhälsa.Renvert, Stefan; Persson, Rutger; Resebo, Jan; Berglund, Johan
Fostering and sustaining innovation in a Fast Growing Agile CompanyMoe, NilsBrede; Barney, Sebastian; Aurum, Aybüe; Khurum, Mahvish; Wohlin, Claes; Barney, Hamish; Gorschek, Tony; Winata, Martha
Fostering Cross-site Coordination through Awareness: An investigation of state-of-the-practice through a focus group studyŠmite, Darja; Dingsoyr, Torgeir
Fostering Growth in Uganda's Innovation SystemEcuru, Julius
Fotfavoriten ABSolberg Søilen, Klaus; Huber, Stefan
FOU vid MAM (2) Pedagogisk praktik, teoribildning och forskningHansson, Thomas
FoU vid MAM (3). I närkamp med "tredje uppgiften".Björkman, Jan; Elovaara, Pirjo; Fredriksson, Eva; Stille, Björn; Sutter, Berthel
FoU vid MAM. Tre texter: Ekonomistyrning, innovationer och lärandeLöfstål, Eva; Stevrin, Peter; Börrefors, Johanna
A Foundation for Sustainable Product DevelopmentHallstedt, Sophie
Foundations of GameplayHolopainen, Jussi
Four-Dimensional Discretization for Detection of Moving Objects in Wide Band SARPettersson, Mats
Four Multi-Agent Architectures for Intelligent Network Load ManagementJohansson, Stefan J.; Davidsson, Paul; Kristell, Martin
Fourier decomposition of a plane nonlinear sound wave and transition from Fubini´s to Fay´s solution of Burger´s equationEnflo, Bengt; Hedberg, Claes
Fourier decomposition of a plane nonlinear sound wave developing from a sinusoidal sourceEnflo, Bengt; Hedberg, Claes
Fractionally Spaced Spatial Adaptive Equalization of S-UMTS Mobile TerminalsNordberg, Jörgen; Mohammed, Abbas; Nordholm, Sven; Claesson, Ingvar
Fracture Behavior of an Ultra Thin Al-foil- Measuring and Modelling of the Fracture ProcessKao-Walter, Sharon; Ståhle, Per
Fracture mechanics analysis of the Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor of 3-Point Bending Specimen suffering cyclic loadsHuang, Yayu; Hu, XiangPing; Liao, Taohong
Fracture mechanics mathematical modelling for Dynamic Stress Intensity Factor of 3-Point Bending SpecimenHuang, Yayu; Hu, Xiangping; Liao, Taohong
Fracture mechanics of materials: From steel to packaging materialKao-Walter, Sharon; Tryding, Johan

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