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Log Who’s Playing: Psychophysiological Game Analysis Made Easy through Event LoggingNacke, Lennart; Lindley, Craig; Stellmach, Sophie
Logic Software for Apprenticeship in Rough ReasoningRolf, Bertil
Logical graphs - how to map mathematicsLennerstad, Håkan
Logics, Knowledge and Action ResearchHansson, Thomas
Lokalt områdesarbete i socialt utsatta stadsmiljöer. Exemplet RåslättÖresjö, Eva
Lokalt utvecklingsarbete i Svarte, Ystad kommun - en utvärdering.Alvesund, Carolin
Lokalt utvecklingsarbete på Karlshamns landsbygd - en utvärdering.Alvesund, Carolin
Loneliness Among Older People: Results from the Swedish National Study on Aging and Care – BlekingeTaube, Elin; Kristensson, Jimmie; Midlöv, Patrik; Holst, Göran; Jakobsson, Ulf
A long-memory integer-valued time series model, INARFIMA, for financial applicationQuoreshi, A.M.M. Shahiduzzaman
Long-term stability of surgical bone regenerative procedures of peri-implantitis lesions in a prospective case-control study over 3 yearsJansåker, Ann-Marie Roos; Lindahl, Christel; Persson, Rutger; Renvert, Stefan
Longitudinal Analysis of Performance of Ugandan Rural Female Advanced Level Students in Physics PracticalsLating, Peter Okidi; Kucel, Samule Baker; Trojer, Lena
A longitudinal study integrating population, care and social services data. The Swedish National study on Aging and Care (SNAC).Lagergren, Mårten; Fratiglioni, Laura; Hallberg, Ingalill R; Berglund, Johan; Elmståhl, Sölve; Hagberg, Bo; Holst, Göran; Rennemark, Mikael; Sjölund, Britt-Marie; Thorslund, Mats
Loran-C Skywave Delay Detection using the ARMA AlgorithmMohammed, Abbas; Last, David
Loran-C skywave delay estimation using the AR AlgorithmMohammed, Abbas; Last, David
Louise Petrén and her generalization of Laplace’s methodHaikola, Lars; Ibragimov, Nail H.
Low-Complex Adaptive Post Filter for Enhancement of Coded VideoRossholm, Andreas; Lövström, Benny; Andersson, Kenneth
Low-Complexity Adaptive Filtering for Acoustic Echo Cancellation in Audio Conferencing SystemsSchüldt, Christian
Low-Complexity Adaptive Filtering Implementation for Acoustic Echo CancellationSchüldt, Christian; Lindström, Fredric; Claesson, Ingvar
Low-Complexity Algorithms for Echo Cancellation in Audio Conferencing SystemsSchüldt, Christian
Low-complexity codebook-based beamforming with four transmit antennas and quantized feedback channelValduga, Samuel Tumelero; Alves, Dimas Irion; Machado, Renato; Legg, Andrei Piccinini; Loiola, Murilo Bellezoni
A Low-Complexity Delayless Selective Subband Adaptive Filtering AlgorithmSchüldt, Christian; Lindström, Fredric; Claesson, Ingvar
Low-complexity feature-mapped speech bandwidth extensionGustafsson, Harald; Lindgren, Ulf; Claesson, Ingvar
Low-complexity network echo cancellation approach for systems equipped with external memoryBerggren, Magnus; Borgh, Markus; Schuldt, Christian ; Lindström, Fredric; Claesson, Ingvar
Low Complexity Digital ReceiversÖdling, Per
Low Cost Methodology for Preliminary Road Maintenance Decision SupportKayondo-Ndandiko, Lydia Mazzi; Bax, Gerhard; Togboa, Sandy Stevens Tickodri
Low Cost Road Condition Data Capture System for Sustainable Road Maintenance in UgandaBax, Gerhard; Mazzi-Ndandiko, Lydia Kayondo; Togboa, Sandy Stevens Tickodri -
Low Degree of Separation does not Guarantee Easy CoordinationGalviņa, Zane; Šmite, Darja
Low Distortion SNR–Based Speech Enhancement Employing Critical Band Filter BanksWesterlund, Nils; Haan, Jan Mark de; Dahl, Mattias; Claesson, Ingvar
Low Frequency Acoustic Excitation and Laser Sensing of Vibration as a Tool for Remote Characterization of Thin SheetsMfoumou, Etienne
Lower Bounds of Moving Target Estimation in Low Frequency SARPettersson, Mats

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