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Non-local conservation laws in fluid dynamicsIbragimov, Nail H.; Yacar, E.
A Non-tachometer based Order Analysis Method for Interior Noise Measurements in CarsHåkansson, Hans; Lagö, Thomas L; Olsson, Sven
Non-uniform Optimal Subband Beamforming: An Evaluation on Real Acoustic MeasurementsNordholm, Sven; Low, Siow Yong; Claesson, Ingvar; Yiu, Ka Fai Cedric
Nonlinear AcousticsRudenko, Oleg; Crocker, Malcolm
Nonlinear Acoustics Applied to NonDestructive TestingHaller, Kristian
Nonlinear Acoustics Through Problems and ExamplesRudenko, Oleg; Gurbatov, Sergey; Hedberg, Claes
Nonlinear Acoustics through Problems and Examples (in Russian)Rudenko, Oleg; Gurbatov, Sergey; Hedberg, Claes
Nonlinear and Linear Wave Phenomena in Narrow PipesRudenko, Oleg; Schvartburg, A
The Nonlinear Behavior of a Rammer Soil Compactor MachineBroman, Göran; Jönsson, Anders
Nonlinear crosstransformation of amplitude-frequency modulation of quasi-monochromatic acoustic signalsHedberg, Claes; Gurbatov, Sergey
Nonlinear Dynamics of Grains in a Liquid-Saturated SoilRudenko, Oleg; Hedberg, Claes
Nonlinear Dynamics of Grains in a Liquid-Saturated SoilHedberg, Claes
Nonlinear dynamics of quadratically cubic systemsRudenko, Oleg
Nonlinear integro-differential models for intense waves in media like biological tissues and geostructures with complex internal relaxation-type dynamicsRudenko, Oleg
Nonlinear model of a granulated medium containing viscous fluid layers and gas cavitiesRudenko, Oleg; Sobisevich, A. L.; Sobisevich, L.E.; Hedberg, Claes; Shamaev, N. V.
Nonlinear noise waves in soft biological tissuesRudenko, Oleg; Gurbatov, S.N.; Demin, I. Yu
Nonlinear response of a layer to pulse action in diagnostics of small inhomogenitiesRudenko, Oleg; Sobisevich, L.E.; Sobisevich, A.L.; Hedberg, Claes
Nonlinear self-adjointness and conservation lawsIbragimov, Nail H.
Nonlinear self-adjointness of the Krichever-Novikov equationGaliakberova, L. R.; Ibragimov, Nail
Nonlinear self-adjointness, conservation laws and exact solutions of time-fractional Kompaneets equationsIbragimov, Nail H.; Gazizov, R.K.; Lukashchuk, S. Y.
Nonlinear self-adjointness, conservation laws, and the construction of solutions of partial differential equations using conservation lawsIbragimov, Nail; Avdonina, E.D.
Nonlinear standing waves in a closed tubEnflo, Bengt; Hedberg, Claes; Rudenko, Oleg
Nonlinear standing waves in a layer excited by periodic motion of its boundaryRudenko, Oleg; Hedberg, Claes; Enflo, Bengt
Nonlinear Standing Waves in a Layer Excited by the Periodic Motion of its Boundary
Enflo, Bengt; Rudenko, Oleg; Hedberg, Claes
Nonlinear structural identification by the "reverse Path" spectral methodMagnevall, Martin; Josefsson, Andreas; Ahlin, Kjell; Broman, Göran
Nonlinear Ultrasonic Damage Response to Excitation Strength and PositionHaller, Kristian; Hedberg, Claes
Nonlinear vibrations and waves in a granular and liquid-saturated mediumRudenko, Oleg; Hedberg, Claes
Nonlinear Waves: some biomedical applicationsRudenko, Oleg
Nonlinear Whirlpools Versus Harmonic Waves in a Rotating Column of Stratified FluidIbragimov, Nail H.; Ibragimov, Ranis N.
Nonlinearity of Solids with Micro- and Nanodefects and Characteristic Features of Its Macroscopic ManifestationsRudenko, Oleg; Korobov, A; Izosimova, M

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