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On Region of Interest Coding for Wireless ImagingIqbal, Muhammad Imran; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen
On Remote Electronics ExperimentsGustavsson, Ingvar
On Resource-Oriented Multi-Commodity Market ComputationsYgge, Fredrik; Akkermans, Hans
On Resource Sharing and Careful Overbooking for Network VirtualizationFiedler, Markus
On resource sharing and careful overbooking for network virtualizationFiedler, Markus
On Robust Estimation of Water Current Using a Frequency Domain Approach: The Symmiktos MethodLagö, Thomas L; Eriksson, Per; Åsman, Mikael
On Routing in Cognitive Radio NetworksPopescu, Alexandru; Fiedler, Markus
On Routing in Cognitive Radio Networks (extended version)Popescu, Alexandru; Fieldler, Markus
On Shared Understanding in Software EngineeringGlinz, Martin; Fricker, Samuel
On signal processing and electromagnetic modelling : applications in antennas and transmission linesLundbäck, Jonas
On social interaction metrics : social network crawling based on interestingnessErlandsson, Fredrik
On Spectrum Sharing and Dynamic Spectrum Allocation: MAC Layer Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio NetworksHamid, Mohamed; Mohammed, Abbas; Yang, Zhe
On Synthetic Aperture Radar Spatial Azimuth and Range Resolution EquationsVu, Viet Thuy; Sjögren, Thomas; Pettersson, Mats
On the ambiguity of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience requirements for eHealth servicesUllah, Muhammad; Fiedler, Markus; Wac, Katarzyna
On the application of genetic programming for software engineering predictive modeling: A systematic reviewAfzal, Wasif; Torkar, Richard
On the Application of Linear Programming to Channel and Symbol Maximum Likelihood EstimationNordebo, Sven; Gustavsson, Jan-Olof
On the Capacity of Polarization Diversity in Satellite CommunicationsNordebo, Sven; Mohammed, Abbas; Lundbäck, Jonas
On the Characteristics of WWW Traffic and the Relevance to ATMKarlsson, Pär; Arvidsson, Åke
On the Choice of Performance Metrics for User-Centric Seamless CommunicationIckin, Selim; Vogeleer, Karel De; Fiedler, Markus; Erman, David
On the classical and quantum evolution of Lagrangian half-forms in phase spaceGosson, Maurice de
On the Classification of Large Area SequencesCresp, Gregory; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Dam, Hai Huyen
On the Concept of Concept in the Context of Autonomous AgentsDavidsson, Paul
On the Concept of Trust in Online Social NetworksJohnson, Henric; Lavesson, Niklas; Zhao, Haifeng; Wu, Shyhtsun Felix
On the Cost-Effective Wireless Broadband Service Delivery from High Altitude Platforms with an Economical Business Model DesignYang, Zhe; Mohammed, Abbas
On the Design of a Sound System for a Mobile Audio UnitLindström, Fredric; Eriksson, John-Erik; Dahl, Mattias; Claesson, Ingvar
On the Development of a Reduced-Reference Perceptual Image Quality MetricKusuma, Tubagus Maulana; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Caldera, Manora
On the Development of a Simple and Robust Active Control System for Boring Bar Vibration in IndustryÅkesson, Henrik; Smirnova, Tatiana; Claesson, Ingvar; Håkansson, Lars
On the Economic Return of a Software Investment – Managing Cost, Benefit and UncertaintyNumminen, Emil
On the Enhancement of Audio and Video in Mobile EquipmentRossholm, Andreas
On the Ergodic Capacity of Cooperative Spatial Multiplexing Systems in Composite ChannelsDuong, Quang Trung; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen

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