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Report on Sida/SAREC bilateral Research Cooperation Programme at University of Dar es Salaam, TanzaniaTrojer, Lena
Reporting Empirical Research in Global Software Engineering: A Classification SchemeSmite, Darja; Wohlin, Claes; Feldt, Robert; Gorschek, Tony
Reporting Usability Metrics ExperiencesWinter, Jeff; Rönkkö, Kari; Hellman, Mats
Reporting user experience through usability within the telecommunications industryRönkkö, Kari; Winter, Jeff; Hellman, Mats
Report: A report on patient safety in Europe: medication errors and hospital-acquired infectionWillman, Ania; Burke, Jacqueline; Smith, Lorraine; Sveinsdottir, Herdis
Reproducerbara mätningar av efterklangstider-metodanalys och apparatkonstruktionBoman, Karl-Fredrik; Eriksson, Per; Lagö, Thomas L; Lindblad, Sven
Required capacity for ATM Virtual Paths for QoS on cell and connection levelFiedler, Markus; Arvidsson, Åke
Requirement development life cycle: The industry practicesKhan, K.; Kumar, P.V.V.; Ahmad, A; Riaz, T; Anwer, W; Suleman, M; Ajmal, O; Ali, T; Chaitanya, AVK
Requirement driven prospects for realizing user-centric network orchestrationZinner, T.; Hossfeld, T.; Fiedler, Markus; Liers, F.; Volkert, T.; Kohndoker, R.; Schatz, R.
Requirements Abstraction ModelGorschek, Tony; Wohlin, Claes
Requirements Engineering for Digital HealthFricker, Samuel (editor); Thuemmler, Christoph (editor); Gavras, Anastasius (editor)
Requirements Engineering Supporting Technical Product ManagementGorschek, Tony
Requirements Engineering: Best PracticeFricker, Samuel; Grau, Rainer; Zwingli, Adrian
Requirements Engineering: In Search of the Dependent VariablesGorschek, Tony; Davis, Alan
Requirements Experience in Practice: Studies of Six CompaniesGorschek, Tony; Svahnberg, Mikael
Requirements Management for Continuous Software Product DevelopmentKhurum, Mahvish; Barney, Sebastian; Dzamashvili-Fogelström, Nina; Gorschek, Tony
Requirements on Information Systems as Business EnablersGustavsson, Rune
Requirements Prioritisation: An Experiment on Exhaustive Pair-Wise Comparisons versus Planning Game PartitioningKarlsson, Lena; Berander, Patrik; Regnell, Björn; Wohlin, Claes
Requirements PrioritizationBerander, Patrik; Andrews, Anneliese Amschler
Requirements prioritization with respect to Geographically Distributed StakeholdersAhmad, A; Shahzad, Aamir; Padmanabhuni, Kumar; Mansoor, Ali; Joseph, Sushma; Arshad, Zaki
Requirements Traceability: A Systematic Review and Industry Case StudyTorkar, Richard; Gorschek, Tony; Feldt, Robert; Svahnberg, Mikael; Akbar, Raja Uzair; Kamran, Kashif
Resampling Methods in Software Quality ClassificationAfzal, Wasif; Torkar, Richard; Feldt, Robert
Research Management/Organization Development at the National University of Rwanda for Sida/SAREC supported programmesElovaara, Pirjo; Haikola, Lars; Trojer, Lena
Research on the State of Business Incubation Systems in Different Countries: Lessons for UgandaMutambi, Joshua; Byaruhanga, Joseph K.; Trojer, Lena; Buhwezi, Kariko B.
Research, values and knowledge: the good, the bad and the popularHansson, Thomas
Resonant properties of a nonlinear dissipative layer excited by a vibrating boundary: Q-factor and frequency responseEnflo, Bengt; Hedberg, Claes; Rudenko, Oleg
A Resource Allocation Law to Satisfy QoS Demands on ATM Burst and Connection LevelFiedler, Markus; Arvidsson, Åke
Resource Consumption in Additive Manufacturing with a PSS ApproachNopparat, Nanond; Kianian, Babak; Thompson, Anthony; Larsson, Tobias
Resource Engineering for Internet ApplicationsJena, Ajit K.; Pruthi, Parag; Popescu, Adrian
Resource Engineering for Internet ApplicationsPopescu, Adrian; Jena, Ajit K.; Nilsson, Arne A.

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