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Time is perception is money - web response times in mobile networks with application to Quality of ExperienceFiedler, Markus; Arlos, Patrik; Gonsalves, Timothy A.; Bhardwaj, Anuraag; Nottehed, Hans
Time pressure: a controlled experiment of test case development and requirements reviewMäntylä, Mika; Petersen, Kai; Lehtinen, Timo O. A.; Lassenius, Casper
Timeout Probability for Cognitive Radio NetworksSibomana, Louis; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Tran, Hung; Kabiri, Charles
To Be or Not to Be Active: Exploring Practices of eParticipation Ekelin, Annelie
TOMVA ABSolberg Søilen, Klaus; Huber, Stefan
A Tool for Binding Threads to ProcessorsBroberg, Magnus; Lundberg, Lars; Grahn, Håkan
Tool support for disseminating and improving development practicesIvarsson, Martin; Gorschek, Tony
Tool Support for Language ExtensibilityBosch, Jan
Tool Support for Language ExtensibilityBosch, Jan
Tool Support for Language ExtensibilityBosch, Jan
Tools for environmental assessment in strategic decision makingEmmelin, Lars
Tools for faster turn-around times in RoRo terminals: Case sudies from Europe: Karlshamn-Klaipeda short sea shipping linkHenesey, Lawrence; Mbiydzenyuy, Gideon
Tools, Techniques, and Trade-offs when Porting Large Software Systems to New EnvironmentsKågström, Simon
Tooth loss and cognitive functions among older adultsNilsson, Helena; Berglund, Johan; Renvert, Stefan
Tooth loss and periodontitis in older individuals: results from the Swedish national study on aging and care.Renvert, Stefan; Persson, Rigmor E.; Persson, Rutger G.
Topic 8: Distributed systems and algorithmsMostefaoui, Achour; Polze, Andreas; Baquero, Carlos; Ezhilchelvan, Paul Devadoss; Lundberg, Lars
Toward a Concept of Post-Postmodernism or Lady Gaga’s Reconfigurations of MadonnaFjellestad, Danuta; Engberg, Maria
Toward Adjustable Lightweight Authentication for Network Access ControlJohnson, Henric
Toward Anticipatory AgentsEkdahl, Bertil; Astor, Eric; Davidsson, Paul
Toward Cost-Efficient Integration of Telematic Systems Using K-Spanning Tree and Clustering AlgorithmsMbiydzenyuy, Gideon; Persson, Jan A.; Davidsson, Paul
Toward Seamless Integration of Wireless LAN and Cellular NetworksIsaksson, Lennart; Johnson, Henric; Fiedler, Markus
Towards a Behavioral Software EngineeringLenberg, Per; Feldt, Robert; Wallgren, Lars-Göran
Towards a Framework for Fault and Failure Prediction and EstimationScott, Hanna
Towards a Hybrid Testing Process Unifying Exploratory Testing and Scripted TestingShah, Syed Muhammad Ali; Gencel, Cigdem; Alvi, Usman Satter; Petersen, Kai
Towards a Prediction Model for People Movements in Urban AreasDavidsson, Paul; Friberger, Marie Gustafsson; Lavesson, Niklas; Persson, Jan A.
Towards a Research Framework on Requirements PrioritizationBerander, Patrik; Khan, K.A.; Lehtola, L.
Towards a scalable cloud platform for search-based probabilistic testingRose, Louise; Poulding, Simon; Feldt, Robert; Paige, Richard
Towards a theoretical framework of SPI success factors for small and medium web companiesSulayman, Muhammad; Mendes, Emilia; Urquhart, Cathy; Riaz, Mehwish; Tempero, Ewan
Towards an efficient approach for resource sharing in real-time multiprocessor systemsBehnam, Moris; Nemati, Farhang; Nolte, Thomas; Grahn, Håkan
Towards an Understanding of Sourcing DecisionsSmite, Darja; Wohlin, Claes; Aurum, Aybuke; Jabangwe, Ronald; Numminen, Emil

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