Research by type - Bookchapters

Adaptation Spinoffs from Technological and Socio-economic ChangesWilk, Julie; Hjerpe, Mattias; Rydhagen, Birgitta2015
Synthesizing Cross-Ambiguity Functions Using An Improved Bat AlgorithmJamil, Momin; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Yang, Xin-She2015
Adaptation Spinoffs from Technological and Socio-economic ChangesWilk, Julie; Hjerpe, Matthias; Rydhagen, Birgitta2014
Citizen-Driven Design: Leveraging Participatory Design of E-Government 2.0 Through Local and Global Collaborations.Ekelin, Annelie; Eriksén, Sara2014
Co-creation in complex supply chains: the benefits of a Value driven Design approachBertoni, Marco; Eres, Hakki; Scanlan, Jim2014
Could Aid donor agencies support innovation? Lessons from Swedish aid politics and practicesKjellqvist, Tomas2014
Distributed Project ManagementŠmite, Darja2014
Forskning i Öst och Väst, Nord och SydKjellqvist, Tomas2014
Network Architecture to Support Multimedia over CRNPopescu, Alexandru; Yao, Yong; Fiedler, Markus; Popescu, Adrian2014
On Fuzzy Logic-Based Channel Selection in Cognitive Radio NetworksYao, Yong; Popescu, Alexandru; Popescu, Adrian2014
Psychophysiological Interaction and Empathic Cognition for Human-Robot Cooperative Work (PsyIntEC)Hagelback, Johan; Hilborn, Olle; Jercic, Petar; Johansson, Stefan; Lindley, Craig; Svensson, Johan; Wen, Wei2014
QoE-Based Network and Application ManagementSchatz, Raimund; Fiedler, Markus; Skorin-Kapov, Lea2014
Reflektera mera – erfarenheter från projektledning i professionsutbildningPersson, ingrid2014
Requirements Engineering: Best PracticeFricker, Samuel; Grau, Rainer; Zwingli, Adrian2014
Social science universalsHansson, Thomas2014
When society speaks back. Relevance issues for research in cluster contexts in low income countriesTrojer, Lena2014
Agreement Technologies for Supporting the Planning and Execution of TransportsDavidsson, Paul; Friberger, Marie Gustafsson; Holmgren, Johan; Jacobsson, Andreas; Persson, Jan A.2013
Approximation and Rough Classification of Letter-Like Polygon ShapesRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth2013
Creating a learning environment for transformation: A case study of a course in sustainability leadershipMissimer, Merlina; Valente, Marco; Meisterheim, Tracy; Johnson, Pierre2013
An Evidence Profile for Software Engineering Research and PracticeWohlin, Claes2013
Fuzzy C-Means Cluster Analysis and Approximated Data Strings in Operation Prognosis for Gastric Cancer PatientsZettervall, Hang; Rakus-Andersson, Elisabeth; Forssell, Henrik2013
Gender Research as Knowledge Resource in Technology and EngineeringTrojer, Lena2013
Improving Multi-actor Production, Inventory and Transportation Planning through Agent-Based OptimizationHolmgren, Johan; Persson, Jan A.; Davidsson, Paul2013
Intangibles in Design of PSS Value PropositionsMassimo, Panarotto; Åsa, Ericson; Tobias, Larsson2013
Levy Flights and Global OptimizationJamil, Momin; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen2013
The Mamdani Expert-system with Parametric Families of Fuzzy Constraints in Evaluation of Cancer Patient Survival LengthRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth2013
The Meeting with Fuzzy Mathematics as the Great Adventure of my LifeRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth2013
On Legal Complexity: Between Law in Books and Planning in PracticeLarsson, Stefan2013
The Role of Knowledge Heterogeneity on the Innovative Capability of Industrial DistrictsCarbonara, Nunzia; Tavassoli, Sam2013
Simulation Driven Design for Product-Service SystemsOla, Isaksson; Tobias, Larsson; Michael, Kokkolaras; Marco, Bertoni2013