Research by type - Licentiates

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A Serious Game for Training in Emotion Regulation: From Design to EvaluationHilborn, Olle2015
Cloud Computing for Interoperability in Home-Based HealthcareHu, Yan2014
Design and Implementation of a Maritime Traffic Modeling and Anomaly Detection MethodOsekowska, Ewa2014
Development and Evaluation of OpenLabs and the VISIR Open Electronics and Radio Signal Laboratory for Education PurposeNilsson, Kristian2014
Heritage planning in Malmö and Rotterdam during the 2000’s : A cross-contextual analysis of arguments, metaphors and figures of thoughtWoltil, Olof2014
Interactive Search-Based Testing of Embedded Software: Understanding the Benefits and Difficulties of Industrial ApplicationMarculescu, Bogdan2014
On social interaction metrics : social network crawling based on interestingnessErlandsson, Fredrik2014
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Performance Aspects in Virtualized Software SystemsShirinbab, Sogand2014
Remote Electronic and Acoustic Laboratories in Upper Secondary SchoolsClaesson, Lena2014
Testing of Heterogeneous SystemsGhazi, Nauman2014
Approaching Strategic Sustainable Materials ManagementLindahl, Pia2013
Capturing Value in Conceptual PSS Design : Perspectives from the Automotive Supply ChainPanarotto, Massimo2013
Classification of Potentially Unwanted Programs Using Supervised LearningShahzad, Raja Muhammad Khurram2013
Design and Evaluation of Affective Serious Games for Emotion Regulation TrainingJerčić, Petar2013
Identification of Influential Factors on Android Smartphone-Based Video Quality of ExperienceIckin, Selim2013
Introductory Approach to Business Model Design for Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentFrança, César Levy2013
Om glappen vi skapar och de märken som blir – materiell-diskursiva praktiker i kommunkontextPetris, Linus de2013
On the Synergies Between an Electronic Waybill and Intelligent Transport Systems ServicesBakhtyar, Shoaib2013
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Traceability in Healthcare Innovation Maintaining the Relations Between Needs and SolutionsLarsson, Madelene2013
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