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Test Functions for Global Optimization: A Comprehensive SurveyJamil, Momin; Yang, Xin-She; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen2013
Visual Attention and Gaze Behavior in Games: An Object-Based ApproachSundstedt, Veronica; Bernhard, Matthias; Stavrakis, Efstathios; Reinhard, Erik; Wimmer, Michael2013
Оn strongly nonlinear waves and waves with strongly displayed weak nonlinearityRudenko, Oleg2013
Change blindness when viewing web pagesSteffner, Daniel; Schenkman, Bo2012
Clients in focusGarms-Homolová, V; Naiditch, M; Fagerström, Cecilia; Lamoura, G; Melchiorre, C; Gulàcsi, L; Hutchinson, A2012
Cross-Layer Design for Packet Data Transmission in Maximum Ratio Transmission Systems with Imperfect CSI and Co-Channel InterferenceDuong, Quang Trung; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen2012
Festival vendors: A mapping of commercial and social participatory variablesMichel, Thomas2012
Fuzzy Decision Making in Toxoplasmosis MedicationRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth; Kurnatowska, Alicja2012
Home Care in DenmarkFagerström, Cecilia; Willman, Ania2012
Home Care in NorwayFagerström, Cecilia; Willman, Ania2012
Home Care in SwedenFagerström, Cecilia; Willman, Ania2012
ICT, Learnin Objects and Activity TheoryHansson, Thomas2012
Management of the care processGenet, Nadine; Hutchinson, Allen; Naititch, Michel; Garms-Homolová, Vjenka; Fagerström, Cecilia; Melchiorre, Maria Gabriella; Kroneman, Madelon; Greco, Cosetta2012
Ordering Messiness? – Diffracting an ICT-Project in RwandaElovaara, Pirjo2012
Replication Strategies for Video On-Demand over Wireless Mesh Networks: A Cross-Layer Optimization ApproachDuong, Quang Trung; Vo, Nguyen-Son; Zepernick, Hans-Jürgen; Shu, Lei; Du, Xu; Cheng, Wenping2012
Selected Algorithms of Computational Intelligence in Gastric Cancer Decision MakingRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth2012
Software Product ManagementFricker, Samuel2012
Synthetic Intelligence: Beyond A.I. and RoboticsLindley, Craig2012
Three stories about national sytems of innovationLidén, Alina2012
Application Level MeasurementArlos, Patrik2011
Application of Novel Signal Processing Algorithms for the Detection and Minimization of Skywave Interfering Signals in Loran ReceiversMohammed, Abbas; Last, David2011
Application of Space-Time Signal Processing and Active Control Algorithms for the Suppression of Electromagnetic FieldsHult, Tommy; Mohammed, Abbas2011
Clustering of Multiple Microarray Experiments Using Information IntegrationKostadinova, Elena; Boeva, Veselka; Lavesson, Niklas2011
Color interaction – theory, examples and applicationsSchenkman, Bo; Kjelldahl, Lars2011
Fuzzy Controllers in Evaluation of Survival Length in Cancer PatientsRakus-Andersson, Elisabeth; Zettervall, Hang; Forssell, Henrik2011
Gender Research as Knowledge Resource in Technology and EngineeringTrojer, Lena; Lating, Peter Okidi2011
Det ickerationella - en aspekt på lärande att räkna medBörrefors, Johanna2011
Methods and Tools for Knowledge Sharing in Product DevelopmentBertoni, Marco; Johansson, Christian; Larsson, Tobias2011
On Kleinrock's Independence AssumptionPopescu, Adrian; Constantinescu, Doru2011
On Remote Electronics ExperimentsGustavsson, Ingvar2011

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