Research by type - Dissertations

Quantitative Assessment of Intelligent Transport Systems for Road Freight TransportMbiydzenyuy, Gideon2013
The Rocky Road: Why Usability Work is so DifficultWinter, Jeff2013
Stimulating Industrial Development in Uganda Through Open Innovation IncubatorsMutambi, Joshua2013
Streaming Video over Unreliable and Bandwidth Limited NetworksAziz, Hussein2013
Unlocking Potentials of Innovation Systems in Low Resource SettingsEcuru, Julius2013
Combinatorial Optimization - Three ApplicationsLaksman, Efraim2012
Determination of Viable Connectivity Technology for E-Learning in Tanzania - Case Study of Rural Secondary SchoolsSimba, Fatuma2012
Developing Secure Software - in an Agile ProcessBaca, Dejan2012
Direction of Arrival Estimation and Localization of Multiple Speech Sources in Enclosed EnvironmentsSwartling, Mikael2012
Friluftsliv och naturturism i kommunal fysisk planeringForsberg, Lena Petersson2012
Geographical Information Technologies – Decision Support for Road Maintenance in UgandaKayondo-Ndandiko, Lydia Mazzi2012
HIV Patient Monitoring Framework Through Knowledge EngineeringOtine, Charles2012
Integrating a Strategic Sustainable Development Perspective in Product-Service System InnovationThompson, Anthony2012
Low-Complexity Algorithms for Echo Cancellation in Audio Conferencing SystemsSchüldt, Christian2012
Multi-Agent Potential Field Based Architectures for Real-Time Strategy Game BotsHagelbäck, Johan2012
On Decision Support in Participatory Medicine Supporting Health Care EmpowermentÅdahl, Kerstin2012
On Perception-Based Error Protection for Mobile MultimediaIqbal, Muhammad Imran2012
On the Performance Analysis of Cooperative Communications with Practical ConstraintsDuong, Quang Trung2012
Routes, Routines and Emotions in Decision Making of Emergency Call TakersSvensson, Martin2012
Synthetic Aperture Radar Signal and Image Processing for Moving Target Indication and Side Lobe SuppressionSjögren, Thomas2012
Active Control of Noise in Ventilation Systems - Analysis and ExperimentsLarsson, Martin2011
Decision Support for Product Management of Software Intensive ProductsKhurum, Mahvish2011
Design for Places of CollaborationPetrakou, Alexandra2011
Engineering principles for open socio-technical systemsLundberg, Jenny2011
Foundations of GameplayHolopainen, Jussi2011
Fritidshuset som planeringsdilemmaPersson, Ingrid2011
Identification and Simulation Methods for Nonlinear Mechanical Systems Subjected to Stochastic ExcitationJosefsson, Andreas2011
Improving the performance of distributed multi-agent based simulationMengistu, Dawit2011
An Intelligent Multi Sensor System for a Human Activities Space---Aspects of Quality Measurement and Sensor ArrangementChen, Jiandan2011
On Modulation and Detection Schemes for Low-Complexity Impulse Radio UWB CommunicationsKhan, Muhammad Gufran2011

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