Mattias Georgsson, Doctoral student

Mattias Georgsson


Registered Nurse
Nursing degree, Gothenburg University
BSc Caring Science, Gothenburg University
MSc Health Informatics, Karolinska Institutet
MSc Interaction Design-specialization usability, Chalmers University of Technology


Blekinge Institute of Technology
School of Computing
SE -371 79 Karlskrona

Title research work

Evaluation and assessment of mobile health interventions for the support of improved patient and clinical treatment outcomes

Overall research objectives

The overall research objectives for the doctoral studies include how to evaluate and assess mobile delivered intervention initiatives for the support of chronically ill patients in terms of usability and outcomes from both a patient and health care provider perspective. This consists partly in investigating how evaluation and assessment methods and research-, intervention and clinical trial studies can be designed and executed in order to include and capture qualitative and quantitative measures, and also in gaining insights on the real use, i.e. pharmaceutical compliance, treatment and overall clinical outcomes in order to integrate and make use of these evaluation outcome findings in the health care process.

Thesis work and preliminary schedule

Planned doctoral thesis defence 2016

Main Supervisor

Name: Sara Eriksén
Title: Professor of Informatics
Section/department: School of Computing, Blekinge Institute of Technology


Name: Annelie Ekelin
Title: Postdoc
Section/department: School of Computing, Blekinge Institute of Technology

Name: Martin Rydmark
Title: Professor of Medical Informatics
Section/department: Mednet, Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology,
Sahlgrenska Academy at Gothenburg University

Financing and Affiliation

Blekinge Institute of Technology, School of Computing

Peer reviewed publications

Broeren J, Georgsson M , Blomstrand C, Stibrant Sunnerhagen K. Virtual Reality, Haptics and Telemedicine in Stroke Rehabilitation.  Läkarstämman 2004, 2004.

Broeren J, Georgsson M , Rydmark M, Stibrant Sunnerhagen K. Virtual Reality in Stroke Rehabilitation with the assistance of Haptics and Telemedicine. Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Disability, Virtual Reality and Associated Technologies. September18-20, Veszprém, Hungary Pp 71-76 (2002).

Abstracts & Conference presentations

Georgsson M , Broeren J, Rydmark M, Stibrant Sunnerhagen K. Stroke Rehabilitation at Home using Virtual Reality, Haptics and Telemedicine. 4th Nordic congress on Telemedicine/Norsk Telemed 2002, Sept 30-Oct 2, Tromsö, Norway (2002).


Swedish Society of Nursing

Swedish Federation for Medical Informatics

Board Member Swedish Society of Nursing Informatics

Swedish Computer Association

Professional Background

Mattias is a Registered Nurse with a BSc degree in Healthcare Science from University of Gothenburg, and a MSc degree in Health Informatics from Karolinska institutet. Apart from these degrees, he has also studied computer technology and information technology resulting in a Masters degree in Interaction Design with a focus on usability from Chalmers University of Technology. Since March of 2011, he is employed as a doctoral student within Applied Health Technology at Blekinge Institute of Technology where his field of research involves evaluation and assessment of eHealth initiatives and especially mobile health interventions for the support of chronically ill patients.

His professional experience includes working as a Registered Nurse (district, ambulance, ward) and as a Research Nurse at Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg. He has also worked as a Research Assistant and ICT Project Manager for eLearning at the Nordic School of Public Health and as a Research Assistant and IT Engineer within Telemedicine and eLearning at Mednet, Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg. In addition he has been part of projects involving ICT solutions for the support and monitoring of TB patients at WHO's regional office for East Asia in Manila.

Mattias' research interest lies in the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) within health care involving evaluation and assessment methods, clinical trials, intervention studies, usability and patient and clinical outcomes.

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