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Current projects in Applied Health Technology

The research focuses primarily on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in healthcare, ie. how IT-based health care can support the development and society's ability to respond to the demographic changes with an increasing proportion of older people.

Below you can read more about some of the current projects in progress.


Older adults and their internet/computer usage

Within health care it is of value that the elderly are a little technologically savvy, as new health systems are being applied where a more effective care is provided already by use of computers, networks and internet.  Thus to look at the elderly that today are not using internet and computers, draws attention to a segment that is possibly ignored and that will need adapted health care. In addition this is interesting from the point of view of today’s society being in an in between phase where the digital divide is closing in.

Contact: Jessica Berner


Discharge planning at a distance.

Discharge planning at a distance by using video-conference, is the main subject. Implementation of an IT-solution in the planning session and the experiences of patients ; professionals and next of kin is the focus.

Contact: Malin Hofflander


A new setting for Community Health Promotion

The main objective is to study the development of health communication in PHC using modern ICT for the purpose of enhancing health literacy using a Participatory Action Research approach.

Contact: Amina Jama Mahmud


Biomechanical aspects on locomotor related pain.

To determine the occurence and development of locomotor related pain and whether or not such pain can be treated cost-effectively with naprapathy.

Contact: Titti Lilje


Health services in a digital world

The overall aim is to illuminate the usability of ICT in the communication between Healthcare and patients. It also outlines the need for consensus in the relationship between interaction- healthcare and ICT.

 Contact: Lina Nilsson






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