Research cafes during the spring 2012

Learning Lab, Educational Development and the Library organises research cafes during the spring 2012. The purpose of these researcher cafes is to give researchers an opportunity to talk about and present their research to interested at BTH. New contacts can be made and research can develop. The research is also made more visible to a larger group at BTH. The content may also be useful information to help researchers work.



14/2 Top 5% articles

"Top5% articles" is a concept often used when comparing universities and departments as a component in ranking. What it means is that a top5% article belongs to the 5% most cited articles in its subject category in the world. The BTH library now proudly present two BTH researchers that have produced such articles.

Nursing Science - Onwards and Upwards

This presentation will very briefly introduce Borglin and Richards (2010) highly cited methodological paper published in International Journal of Nursing Studies. The presentation will focus:
Why this paper came about - i.e. European Nursing Sciences position at present?
Use of the paper and possible explanations to its citations - i.e. is a methodological paper a sure way to raise ones H-index?

  • Johanna Törnblom , (in English)

21/3 Social media for researchers

  • Niklas Lavesson, (English)

19/4 Pecha Kucha,

  • DSN - presenter not yet set
  • COM - Marie Persson, (in English)
  • HAL - Amanda Hellström,  (in English)
  • ING - presenter not yet set
  • MAM - Martin Svensson, Emotions, Routines and Emergency, (in English)


We meet at 12-13 in the IT verkstan in the library at Gräsvik where a light lunch will be served. Some cafees will be broadcasted via Internet. A separate invitation is sent to each cafe.

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