The main subject area Nursing/ caring science

The main subject Caring / Nursing Science (picture of two hands)

Nursing / Caring Science, the main area of study at the School of Health Science, is based on a humanistic outlook  with a philosophical assumption that human beings can be understood as active and creative, and as part of their context. The overall goal of Nursing/ Caring Science is health; to alleviate suffering, to promote wellbeing and to support a dignified end of life. Nursing is caring and person-oriented and is usually conducted at an individual level.

People who are in need of care require support and help, including good treatment. Good treatment is critical to how the person experiences nursing care and it is therefore important to show respect for the individual's autonomy, integrity, dignity and vulnerability. Nursing care offered to patients and their families should be based on current evidence and best available knowledge. Knowledge within the main field is applied/ -practised at individual, group and community levels with regard to gender and socio-cultural and economic perspectives.

The School of Health Science provides courses in Nursing and Nursing Science within the Nursing programme and the Specialist Nursing programme. In addition, there is an opportunity for nurses with an older education to study Nursing Science courses up to Master's level. Some of these courses are taught in the form of online education.


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